I get this error when setup up a server in Django. The is sqlite3 which way it should produce the .db record but the doesn"t it seems ~ to be doing so. I"ve stipulated SQLite together the backend and also an absolute file path for where to placed it, yet no luck.

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Is this a an insect or am i doing something incorrect? (Was simply thinking, is the absolute file path specified in different way in Ubuntu?)

Here is the start of my settings.py file:

# Django settings for OmniCloud project.DEBUG = TrueTEMPLATE_DEBUG = DEBUGADMINS = (# ("Your Name", "your_email
example.com"),)MANAGERS = ADMINSDATABASES = "default": "ENGINE": "django.db.backends.sqlite3", # include "postgresql_psycopg2", "postgresql", "mysql", "sqlite3" or "oracle". "NAME": "~/Harold-Server/OmniCloud.db", # Or route to database document if making use of sqlite3. "USER": "", # Not supplied with sqlite3. "PASSWORD": "", # Not offered with sqlite3. "HOST": "", # set to empty string for localhost. Not offered with sqlite3. "PORT": "", # collection to north string because that default. Not supplied with sqlite3.
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Martijn Pieters♦
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inquiry Oct 6 "11 at 4:25

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PROBLEM You"re making use of SQLite3, her DATABASE_NAME is set to the database file"s full path, the database document is writeable by Apache, but you still gain the over error.

SOLUTION Make certain Apache can additionally write to the parent magazine of the database. SQLite requirements to be able to write to this directory.

Make sure each folder of your database file"s full path go not start with number, eg. /www/4myweb/db (observed on windows 2000).

If DATABASE_NAME is collection to something prefer "/Users/yourname/Sites/mydjangoproject/db/db", make certain you"ve developed the "db" brochure first.

Make certain your /tmp magazine is world-writable (an unlikely reason as various other thing on your system will additionally not work). Ls /tmp -ald should produce drwxrwxrwt ....

Make certain the course to the database mentioned in settings.py is a complete path.

Also make sure the paper is present where you expect it to be.

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I challenged exactly exact same issue. Here is my setting which worked.

"ENGINE": "django.db.backends.sqlite3", "NAME": "/home/path/to/your/db/data.sqlite3"Other setting in instance of sqlite3 will be same/default.And you require to create data.sqlite3.

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You haven"t specified the absolute course - you"ve provided a shortcut , ~, which could not occupational in this context. Usage /home/yourusername/Harold-Server/OmniCloud.db instead.

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answer Oct 6 "11 in ~ 8:11
Daniel RosemanDaniel Roseman
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You must use complete path instead of ~/.

In your case, something like /home/harold/Harold-Server/OmniCloud.db.

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kris McFarland
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Stanislav BondarenkoStanislav Bondarenko
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In my situation the sqlite db document db.sqlite3 to be stored in the DocumentRoot that apache. So, even after setting the adhering to permissions it didn"t work:

sudo chown www-data:www-data /path/to/db-foldersudo chown www-data:www-data /path/to/db-folder/sqlite-db.dbFinally as soon as i relocated db.sqlite3 to a newly created folder dbfolder under DocumentRoot and also gave the above permissions, and it worked.

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answer Apr 26 "15 in ~ 19:05
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This worked for me perfect from root user - making use of a flask application to affix to the db from in ~ the project directory. Operated a charm - just need to gain apache able to talk v the db.
Oct 16 "17 at 21:27
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I had actually this problem serving v Apache and also found that making use of the absolute path to the sqlite3 db in mine .env //// as opposed to utilizing the family member path /// addressed the problem. All of the permissions and also ownership mentioned over are crucial as well.

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answer Dec 26 "20 in ~ 4:15
rick debboutrick debbout
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use this type it functions for me . Home windows 7 through python 2.7 and also django 1.5

"ENGINE": "django.db.backends.sqlite3","NAME": "C:\\tool\\mysite\\data.db",hope its works...

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answered may 30 "13 at 1:30
Yogendra SharmaYogendra Sharma
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