I have been reasoning of an altering from sprint to Nextel. Anyone the end there have any type of thoughts on the pros/cons? an ext and an ext people ns know have Nextel both at work and not, ns think it would certainly would do it really convenient. Right now I should atleast upgrade my sprint plan for much more time (I store going over) however why not readjust to Nextel?
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Haha well this is my first post here. Im constantly reading up yet I believed I would chime in here cause Im in reality trying to find someone to take over my contract. Over there is a small over a year left top top the contract. It is the nationwide 1000 which includes:1000 anytime MinutesUnlimited direct ConnectUnlimited Nights and WeekendsFree VoicemailFree CallerIDFree 3-way callingAll for 54.99 a month (if you job-related for the goverment you gain 10% your plan a month also).I just need to remove this cause Im going to be soon moving and Nextel no have good coverage there. I likewise have the Nextel I830 silver flip call (very cool) that i will market for just 100 bucks if you take over the contract.Nextel was awesome v me and really cool come beep her buddies. If you are interested allow me know man.
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I quiet think you can"t win Nextel. I would be almost everywhere that deal yet I don"t use my phone sufficient to do it worth it. If you usage your phone for business at all Nextel is the best.
I had actually Nextel around 5 years ago and over there coverage sucked bad! i then last year went back to test them out and also they have put towers just around everywhere, coverage is really very an excellent now. If ns wasnt relocating I would love to keep Nextel, its precious every penny.
I have been through sprint for around ten year now and also really have actually no complaints. I have actually nextel for work and in some locations it doesn"t work. And also don"t forget, acceleration is walk to have actually direct connect soon too. Mine phone is prepared for it. Most of the brand-new phones that sprint sells have it. Just weigh her options; If most of your freinds have nextel, go with nextel, if not, go v sprint. Simply my opinion.101impala
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Can ns jump in right here from left field??I have been an extremely very happy with my ATT cell phones. Hell I have actually 4 account now, 3 the them ns pay for, (wife and 2 kids) the various other one is agency paid.Very great coverage, and decent plans. But this is indigenous Arizona though, you may be better with everyone is bigger where you live.
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they every **** but I have actually sprint and have had actually no problems canchange yourplan at any time to different minutes prices and coverage so I favor it.
Just an update for anyone rather who might be thinking around a change.... I just changed to Nextel (from sprint pcs) couldn"t it is in happier! I had my number porting to Nextel and also it went through out a problem and only take it 12 hours. Ns bought the I730, VERY great call quality and also plenty that features. Acceleration is still a an excellent company I just needed the direct connect feature for occupational to save on minutes. Acquired a great rate plan from job-related to go v it.

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I had actually Nextel for 6 years and my wife has actually Sprint. Mine coverage is much better then hers and we live in a huge city. I tired a couple of other cell carriers such as Verizon, Cingular, cabinet One and also they walk not even do what Nextel can do. Nextel is a kinda expensive. I basically had actually to walk to the $200.00 a month plan where i get endless outgoing, incoming, straight connect. I use my phone because that everything. I think Sprint is second best carrier. As soon as the 2 complete the merge ns think the device will ROCK! Sprints net on the call is MUCH better then Nextels. Another thing was my wife gained hers before we to be married and also her credit is not so good. She qualified for a phone but they never ever told she it would cap out. She ran over she minutes and when the invoice totaled $80.00 it was no much longer useable till she made a payment to carry it listed below $80. The was never ever told to she at the Sprint save at the time. After she year contract to be up and also we acquired married I finished up putting it under my name wherein my credit is lot better. I was going to gain her a Nextel yet I dont need her to pest me 24/7 on the direct Connect. Nextels phones are nice, however expensive. They job-related real well.. I recommend a I830 ir I860. I have actually the i860 camera phone and its the finest camera phone i have ever see/used. In ~ 0.3MP that is pretty great quality. Just becareful v Sprint. Examine on the credit worry is you have actually credit problems, so friend dont acquire screwed through them. That knows by now, they could have addressed that or perhaps our dealer to be not good enough to notify us.Nick