Do we all hate the old southern yet? This episode was disappointed for countless reasons, nobody less necessary than Patricia Altschul as soon as again pushing her antiquated views onto the rest of the Southern Charmers. But we’ll gain to her yearly “men only” dinner in a second. Very first let’s talk about what precisely was walk on with Austen Kroll and Victoria. 

I admit that I have been one Austen and also Chelsea Meissner stan because the start of this season. They just look so good together! last week Austen fumbled the ball hard when it concerned defending Chelsea’s honor to Shep Rose. Although you wouldn’t understand that he’s suffered because of it. In this episode, Austen runs back to Victoria with his tail between his legs. He speak Craig Conover after the two go top top a run, that Victoria texted him come come end after the Nico party.

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Austen provides Victoria as a crutch every time the he it s okay rejected by Chelsea, and also the dinner the the two have at Red drum restaurant to DTR (or define the relationship) is awkward. For part reason, Victoria has fallen right into the trap of thinking she can readjust a male who is, to speak it through me now, just no that into you. I physical cringed once I heard she tell Austen that, “I just want you and only you,” and how she agreed come let Austen and also Chelsea hang the end without her! I’m not saying the she should have actually been possessive, but do not let your new boyfriend cave out through the girl he has left you for in the past! Honestly, this girl is also pretty for Austen. She needs to run away as rapid as her feet deserve to take her.

Over in another doomed relationship, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis might be providing things an additional shot. Last week we observed Thomas shamelessly flirt with Kathryn in front of Ashley’s face. And also at Exemplar Fitness, Kathryn also admits to Chelsea the things are not completely finished between the two of them. As well as my obvious misgivings around Kathryn getting ago together with Thomas, I execute think the Thomas was trying manipulate Kathryn as soon as he said her that their 3-year-old claimed to him, “That’s my mom. Why aren’t you through her?” 1) there is no method that the baby would say that and also 2) Don’t usage your kids to trap your ex!

Thomas plainly still has feelings for Kathryn. In ~ the dinner the he has actually with Shep Rose and Whitney Sulder-Smith at 5 Church, he also admits that the two still sleep with each other from time come time and that that felt like they didn’t have actually a genuine chance since things got so heated, therefore quickly. The asks Kathryn if she wishes that they could get back together and Kathryn (you’re law amazing, sweetie!) speak him no, she simply wishes the they can be friends and co-parent.

Which bring me come the inquiry of what in the hell was Patricia trying to do with Ashley’s look? The two meet at Gwynn’s to provide Ashley a “southern bell” make-over. But EVERY outfit that Pat do her shot on is ugly as sin and also made because that a mrs in she ’70s. These the end fits are atrocious and also in truth, Ashley costume no worse than the other women ~ above Southern Charm. I honestly believe that Patricia picked the end outfits that would certainly make Ashley watch ugly since Pat hates other women and can’t stand to have attention attracted away from herself. Simply look at the “men only” dinner she threw at she house.

Patricia throw a dinner where she invites only the guys and also then continues to call them every that women have ruined the institution of marital relationship by having actually premarital sex. Then she states that “in my day” women that were solitary at 30 were spinsters and also that women are doing themselves no favors through pretending to be a man’s wife without a commitment. Was this all just a ploy to obtain Thomas come commit to Ashely? thomas tries come tell one anecdote about something he said to Ashley, yet accidentally calls she Kathryn instead and also the rest of the males smile intentional at every other. Sorry Pat, yet until Thomas can obtain over his infatuation v Kathryn, he and Ashley room going nowhere.

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