Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows

The fifth entry in Liarsoft"s Steampunk collection is a mysterious fairytale in i m sorry fantasy and reality intertwine.

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The story unfolds from the perspectives of two women:

One who travels v the damages of Engine City new York, destroyed in an unexplained disaster some years before;and one that finds it s her in one underground human being with a purple sky, wherein the "vanished" city quiet stands.

The central focus the the story is Lily, a girl devoid of memories who sets off through the bizarrely reinvented "Underground brand-new York."Driven by her decision to with the "ends that the sky," she travels v this dangerous world accompanied by one enigmatic young man recognized as A. In the course of her lengthy and difficult journey, castle meet numerous of the city"s inhabitants, and also fend turn off the assaults of strange and also terrifying monsters.

What lies at the end of the road Lily travels?How is she associated to the woman exploring the damages on the surface?And why was brand-new York destroyed?

In the food of your journeys, many mysteries will be unraveled...

Just prefer Gahkthun that the gold Lightning we arrangement to carry Sona-Nyl that the Violet Shadows to both and also Steam.


The year is 1907. The 20th century is tho young.

This is a human being that proficient a 19th century very different from ours own. A world of innumerable steam-powered Engines. The unnaturally rapid breakthrough of this steam civilization fill the air with smog, robbing humanity of the blue skies they"d as soon as known.

There is one place in certain where the sky is darker than everywhere else: the damages of the Engine city new York, forever shrouded in grey clouds and polluted rain. 5 years ago, a secret disaster known as the "Great Disappearance" lessened this whole metropolis come a deserted, crumbling wasteland. Sealed turn off from the human being by the United claims government, that stands in utter silence. Not a single soul now walks its streets.

But today, a woman named Elysia quietly sets foot within it - guided by a singular purpose.Her destination: old Manhattan, stated to it is in the epicenter the the catastrophe.Unbeknownst to her...

There is a location said to be the city"s "Underground." This is an substantial subterranean realm, permeated through a dim violet light. No one on the surface world knows the its existence.In this place, the high-rise buildings that crumbled five years ago still was standing tall; yet their creates are warped and also twisted."Underground brand-new York" is a ar of black and also violet shadows. A prison v no exit. And beneath the unnatural "sky," the men and also women who vanished 5 years back still exist...

Cowering in are afraid of the 7 monsters well-known as the "Messengers." experiencing terror, agony, and death in ~ the hand of the "Messengers."They linger ~ above in this twisted secret city, together if waiting for something.

A girl named Lily sets foot in this place, her mind devoid of memories.There is just one thing she"s details of.She doesn"t have actually a reason. She doesn"t understand who or what awaits her. She doesn"t even know why she feel this way.But even so, she"s for sure certain.

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"Manhattan. The end of the violet sky." "I need to go there. I"m the only one that can."

─The girl sets turn off for the tower that violet zero looming much in the distance.─With every step, she finds the shades that those yet to fade away.─She isn"t mindful of the tears she sheds.

Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows
Developer: Liarsoft
Platform: Windows 7, 8, 10
Language: Japanese audio (full voice), English text
Genre: Alternate history, steampunk
Original Concept, Script, Direction: Hikaru Sakurai
Art, personality Design: Akira
Opening & ending Theme Vocals: Rita
Music: Bluberry&Yogurt, M.U.T.S. Music studio