2.) top top the axes below, sketch a slope ar for the provided differential equation using the nine points ~ above the table the you found.

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3.find the details solution y = f(x) to the offered differential equation v the initial condition f(0) = 4.

Use the adhering to information for questions 4 and 5.

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Newton’s legislation of cooling claims that the rate of cooling of things is proportional to the temperature difference between the object and also its surroundings. So the rate of cooling because that a bottle of lemonade in ~ a room temperature the 75°F i m sorry is put into a refrigerator with temperature the 38°F can be modeled by whereby T(t) is the temperature of the lemonade after ~ t minutes and T(0) = 75. After ~ 30 minute the lemonade has actually cooled to 60°F, therefore T(30) = 60.

4.) to the nearest degree, what is the temperature the the lemonade after second 30 minutes?

5.) come the nearest minute, just how long does it take for the lemonade to cool come 55°F?