So i guess I'll smokeSo i guess I'll...So ns guess I'll smokeYo, this yo town, I'm just in it because that the night thoughI'm tryna feel appropriate thoughSlow down, what girlfriend think around a drink?Mix it v a small bit the sprite thoughAin't friend on tour with Dizzy wright though?Nigga roll somethingYou average to tell me you approximately all this bomb ass treesAnd you don't smoke?Fuck it, poor bitch wanna hit the blunt, don't mind if I carry out firstCool verse, this some new workLeft the hotel, fight the show, God damn, it was as well turntCrew shirt, that's WTF, yo bitch wanna wear that shit come bedAnd climate we got her smoking, ns ain't jokingThe method that she began blowingIt's only gon' do a nigga want some headSo ns guess I'll smokeSo i guess I'll smoke, i guess I'll smokeSmoke, so ns guess I'll smokeSo i guess I'll smoke, smoke, smokeSo i guess I'll smoke, smoke, smokeBlunt, ~ blunt, ~ blunt, after ~ blunt, ~ bluntAfter that, then another, chilling v my niggas and my brothersCouple bitches say they through itProbably gonna have actually them under coversYeah, they every smoke, hit increase Cole, phone call him that we need some moreAlready acquired Cîroc and the honey jack, little bit that fireballWe choose up the papers at the storeI acquired it because that the low, that's complimentary shitFans wanna see me acquire the tree litProbably eat up all the sweet shitNow I'm creating all this deep shitHit up AKT, damages every solitary beat quickStraight THC, currently we mobbing in the car, that's a m-i-cStep come the line and also take hits favor the MLBLet the win drop while i smoke this weedWe exhilaration a lot of weed dog, favor a whole lot that weedBack off tour favor what, offer it up because that the new kidNigga ns ain't tryna it is in the new WizI'm simply tryna do it like Snoop didToo clever, whenever, however illegalWhen I'm cigarette smoking pot up in the parking lotHit a lap roughly the worldJust to land in Amsterdam and also smoke a blunt up in a coffee shopAin't friend smoke choose me, niggaYou don't want to view who get the highest, nigga, why you lying?Nigga, you'll probably obtain the itisI just got my marijuana licenseShe through me, she standing friend upThey say i smoke, choose I'm in ~ the cannabis cupStand on her luck and also get handed your faceOn a platter with candles and also stuff, awayY'all niggas was standing on the sidelineDouble X-L freshNow I'm headed because that the cover of the motherfucking High TimesPregame before a headline, yet it's bedtime for all of these kidsOff the wax, niggas understand what it isShe hopped the end that cab, simply to hop top top the dabAnd I'm grabbing the torch and she grabbing mine dickLet united state smokeSo i guess I'll smoke, i guess I'll smokeSmoke, so i guess I'll smokeSo i guess I'll smoke, smoke, smokeSo ns guess I'll smoke, smoke, smokePuff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, pass it come the sideLet your uncle get a traction of thatAnd puff, puff give, man, I require it because that my cataractsOld nigga, cold nigga, bold sufficient to struggle the dabAnd Yabba Dabba, Scooby SnackingAnd tiny niggas doobie crackingI'll be blowing til' the day that croakI got nothing rather to do, so i guess I'll smokeToday and everyday after today I'll beSmoking forever and that ain't no jokeI ain't even really mean to impede, y'all got all the poor bitches and also all the best weed, capture these keys, she my speedI'm 'bout to go obtain it, nigga, it's OGAll I had actually to speak was, Buddah loverMo' Thug soldier and she came closerBlew a couple shotguns, boy I store a warm oneBad come the bone, fight the bong and also we gained goneSeeing so futuristic, weed acquired me dizzy, haha