ETHOS pro comes standard with OEM-specific coverage and functions together as functional tests, codes, data, organization resets, bidirectional controls, and adaptions and also relearns come validate repairs and finish jobs.


As the recent edition to the Snap-on ETHOS family, the ETHOS pro (EESC331) full-function scan tool is not just a diagnostic tool, but a head start to gift the ideal technician possible.

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“Now the ETHOS agree is here, the ETHOS family has grown to three members, providing technicians an additional smart option to select from come fit your diagnostic needs,” said mark Schaefer, director of marketing, Snap-on Diagnostics. “The ETHOS household thrives on being affordable, however supplying functions that would generally be uncovered only in higher-end platforms.”

ETHOS pro comes standard with OEM-specific coverage and functions such as practical tests, codes, data, business resets, bidirectional controls, and adaptions and also relearns to validate repairs and finish jobs. It contains OEM-specific coverage because that over 100 systems and 47 domestic, Asian and European makes for vehicles as far ago as 1981. ETHOS PRO likewise covers more recent technologies consisting of TPMS, hybrids, human body control, suspension, collision avoidance and infotainment systems.
Technicians will be much more productive in the bay with features such as the automatic automobile ID, one-touch all solution code scan and clear, and the programmable shortcut crucial to save outcomes or perform constant tasks v one touch. Lock will additionally benefit from rapid navigation v the five and a fifty percent inch color touch display screen or the four-way keypad, and also the ability to compare seven live data parameters on display screen at when or graph up to 4 side by side to view cause and effect of car faults.

ETHOS PRO has customizable settings to right the way that technicians work consisting of save/playback live data; practice data lists come speed screen rate and view precisely the data they want; minimum/maximum cause to record data the falls exterior the common range; and also graph zoom in/out come see much more detail, find glitches and nail under intermittent problems.
ETHOS PRO automatically boots increase in only 10 seconds when connected to a vehicle and powers from the car so technicians deserve to keep relocating all day long, plus it has an interior battery to review outcomes off-vehicle.

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To learn an ext about the brand-new ETHOS PRO, speak to a Snap-on representative or visit

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