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You have the right to hear this heat at 00:55:07 in the Blu-ray version of the movie.

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- her momma and also that fella that"s transporting me to get something or various other to eat going come be earlier directly.

- will you be right here with united state for a lengthy time?

- i reckon, if you want me to.

- I got some of that potted meat and soda crackers left over, if you desire some.

- i don"t see just how you can eat all that stuff, with them insides it"s made out of.

- Well, i reckon that tastes pretty great to me.

- I choose the method you talk. Well, I like the method you talk.

- you think it"s really got peckers in there, reduced up?

- Hey, girlfriend know far better than that. You oughta no say the word.

- Well, that smells kinda funny. It"s a tiny loud.

- Looky best there. I believe you"re right. I believe I watch one appropriate in there.

- Mister, reckon you deserve to hand me several of that mustard end there?

- give thanks to you.


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What in the hell friend doing through that lawn mower blade? -I target to kill you with it.
See, I work-related construction. I develop things. Execute you know how necessary that is to the world, Frankie?
I hit him two good whacks with it. That 2nd "un just plumb near reduced his head in two.
It"s all right if you"re looking out for yourself. If it"s self-defense. To be it self-defense?
Sling tongue (1996) Sound Clip


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Actors: Billy Bob Thornton (Karl Childers), Dwight Yoakam (Doyle Hargraves), J. T. Walsh (Charles Bushman)

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