Prairie Festival in 2021 canceled

Due to COVID-19 resurgence and also growing uncertainty

We have spent at an early stage August showing on Prairie Festival 2021, considering the ever-changing context we find ourselves in this year. We think it is in the best interest of our guests, staff, and also the local community to publication the Prairie Festival again this year.

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The worth of the Prairie Festival is part mind and part body. The suffer seeps into you through the dust stable on her skin, the wind whistling warm one day and cool the next, the cicada and also bird track in the air, and also the emergent communication of people, plants, and community. Because that The soil Institute, the is an opportunity to offer hospitality and difficult ideas come our constituency. However, the richness of the Prairie Festival is dually challenged by the enormous uncertainty the the pandemic and also the priority to develop a an international movement v the urgency the climate change.

While the saddens united state to forego yet another year of an important thought and also “intellectual hootenanny,” come quote Kathryn Shattuck in the New York Times, we already imagine just how sweet, delicious, and also fulfilling Prairie Festival 2022 will be. So conserve the date now for September 23-25, 2022! authorize up for our news at the bottom of our home page to remain updated ~ above our latest news and also happenings.



Rachel Stroer

President, The floor Institute

View previous Prairie Festival Presentations

Videos that talks and presentations indigenous previous Prairie Festivals deserve to be perceived in our video clip & Audio Library. To see the most recent speakers, visit  2019 speaker presentations on ours YouTube channel.

For details on visiting The soil Institute, including driving directions, local accommodations, and more, or if friend can’t make it to the Prairie Festival however would favor to visit The land Institute, we deserve to arrange because that a tour at other times the the year, inspect out the Visit Us web page of our website.

About Prairie Festival

The first Prairie Festival took ar in 1979 on Sam and also Terry Evans’ farm close to Salina, Kansas, through David Brower together the featured speaker. Because then, ours signature yearly public occasion has drawn thousands the attendees from approximately the world.

Held over the last complete weekend that September follow me the financial institutions of the Smoky Hill flow on The floor Institute’s residence campus outside Salina, Kansas, the festival revolves around “low tech” gift by noteworthy guests in The floor Institute’s big Barn.

The Prairie Festival provides a distinctive opportunity to interact with several of the world’s many compelling authors, thinkers, artists, and advocates concentrated on agriculture, food, the environment, science, sustainability, and social and also environmental justice.

Our science staff offers tours and an detailed update ~ above our plant breeding and also ecology work and also partnerships. There’s great food and music, the Hedge Fire Circle, and always a few surprises. Join us because that what The brand-new York Times referred to as an “intellectual hootenanny” and what has come to be a exceptional can’t-miss event on the prairie.

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The soil Institute

The Land institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company based in Salina, Kansas, the was established in 1976. The floor Institute’s work, led by a team of plant breeders and ecologists in multiple tandem worldwide, is focused on emerging perennial grains, pulses and oilseed bearing plants to be grown in ecologically intensified, diverse crop mixtures recognized as perennial polycultures. The Institute’s score is to develop an agriculture system the mimics natural systems in stimulate to develop ample food and reduce or get rid of the negative impacts of industrial agriculture.