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“shut the posesthe up, TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist, a slur) ns stoppe..." style="height:10px">

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>“shut the fuck up, TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist, a slur)I stopped reading there. The protestors space framed together crazy and insane however TERF is a slur, there's no "opinion" marker on the article, it's pretty clean the author is coming from a biased perspective although framed together objective. Once they can't even start the article of a controversial subject with even a weak attempt at objectivity i know enough not to indulge.

Why don't girlfriend quote the whole sentence there?> A flyer with an image of a gun and also text reading “shut the posesthe up, terf” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist, a slur) to be circulating.

how does that help??? TERF is not a slur, it is certainly used together an epithet, however only the targets the the term call it a slur making it apparent the authors room sympathetic to the terfs.

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I'm not certain I know the distinction you're making in between "slur" and "epithet", but I doubt you're reading too much right into that selection of word.The point I to be making is that once you speak "The protestors space framed together crazy"... It's not simply framing. They sent a photo of a gun to a speaker--that IS crazy. If you can't also quote whole sentence about the world you're defending, it's girlfriend that's doing the frame here.And yes, the author clearly has a bias. But if girlfriend refuse to review anyone who has actually a bias, you'd much better just give up reading. You definitely showed a little of predisposition in your an option of which parts of the sentence come quote. The seems choose your actual complaint is the you don't agree with the author--if that's the case, climate this is your possibility to say why girlfriend think the writer is wrong. That's exactly how you have actually a conversation with people you disagree with: you don't accuse them that bias, girlfriend don't try to shut castle up, and you definitely don't send them photos of guns.The truth has power. If what you're saying is in reality true, you have the right to get civilization to acknowledge it without making inane accusations, silencing naysayers, or making fatality threats.To be clear: i think it's perfectly fine to contact someone a TERF if the accusation is true, and also it's bad to it is in a TERF. However sending pictures of guns to human being has no location in a polite discussion, and we shouldn't be tolerating that habits or covering it up.