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What mirrors Are choose One Tree Hill?

For years we have actually lived vicariously with the lives of teens on TV. We have actually laughed, learned, cried, and also most importantly, uncovered ourselves in this characters and also their stories. One example of this is the show One Tree Hill.

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For nine seasons and over the expectancy of almost nine years, we have learned about personal growth and bonding native this group we watched grow before our really eyes. Us learned valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, and also responsibility, what come do and also what no to, and also most importantly, just how we need to live.

Over the years, there have actually been shows that have taken us v the journey of adolescence with to adulthood, and today we take a look and pay homage to this shows. Here are 15 teen shows like One Tree Hill:

Series similar to One Tree Hill

Friday Night lamp (2006-2011)Beverly Hill 90210 (2009-2015)Greek (2007-2011)Party of 5 (1994 -2000)Glee (2009-2015)Degrassi: following Generation (2001-2015)Veronica Mars (2004-2007)Freaks and also Geeks (1999-2000)Riverdale (2017- )Faking the (2014-2016)Runaways (2017- )Smallville (2001-2011)The Wonder year (1988 - 1993)American Vandal (2017-2018)Skins (2007- 2013)


1. Friday Night lamp (2006 – 2011)

Set in the fictional city of Dillon, Friday Night Lights is a show about a high school football team and also their coach. Emotional on miscellaneous themes such together family, racism, drugs, and also sexuality, this drama series based on a book by the same name has controlled to worm its means into the understanding of that is audience.

Though the foundation of the collection is based on sports, it is clear the the lessons from Friday Night Lights space applicable to everyone and not just sports fans. Certification Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, and also Minka Kelly just to surname a few, the first couple of episodes of Friday Night Lights room sure to obtain you hooked and ready come tear with the continuing to be seasons.

Friday Night Lights aired its last episode in 2011, however you have the right to binge watch all 5 seasons on Amazon Prime.


2. 90210 (2008 – 2013)

It is near impossible to have lived through 2008 to 2013 without having heard around 90210. The teen drama collection was a part of the Beverly Hills 90210franchise and also picked up where its predecessor left off.

The show follows the rich and sometimes not so fabulous stays of the student of West Beverly Hills High School and also the new family indigenous Kansas, whose two kids adapt come the drama the high society. End the years, the series tackled number of topics the plagued teenage living such together relationships, suicide, and also pregnancy in a way that had actually its audience gripped to your seats waiting for the following episode.

It’s for sure to to speak that together with its forerunner, 90210 set the standard through which all teenager dramas need to follow for 5 long seasons until that aired its last episode in 2013. Those searching for some shows like One Tree Hill will certainly absolutely adore this one.


3. Greek (2007 – 2011)

If you’re looking for a present that highlights the fun side that frat home life, Greek is the collection you’re looking for. This comedy series brings the stays of college student of a fictional college to the display screen as they take part in fraternities and sororities in what is well-known as the Greek system.

Starring Jacob Zachar and Spencer Grammer together Rusty and Casey Cartwright, the collection plays out in six chapters over the expectations of four seasons and was well obtained by audiences, collection a Rotten tomato score the 75% and also an IMDb rating the 7.6/10. All four seasons that Greek are easily accessible for purchase on iTunes.


4. Party of 5 (1994 – 2000)

Party the Five was standing as one of the smarter teenager dramas ~ above this list however less popular than most. The present follows the story of 5 siblings who space left to figure out life because that themselves once their parents dice in a auto accident.

Tackling issues such together domestic and also substance abuse together with the residual results of parental loss, the collection received optimistic reviews however did not have the audience to back it. As soon as the series won the gold Globe for ideal Television Series, however, it attracted attention come the show and raised its popularity, maintaining it walking for an additional three seasons prior to its final episode in 2000.

Party the Five gets a strong “must watch” referral if you haven’t already had the pleasure.

5. Glee (2009 – 2015)

2009 to 2015 were the golden years for high college musical lover as Glee conquered television. This teenager comedy-musical complied with the stays of the students of the fictional wilhelm McKinley High college who together created the to sing Glee club.

When the present began, reviews to be lopsided yet gradually began to get rapturous applause in succeeding seasons. If friend love your teen drama faced in song and dance, Glee was and also is the display you would certainly go with.

Glee ran for six seasons and also within the period, controlled to conference nineteen Emmy compensation nominations along with four native the gold Globe and fifty-seven various other awards. The display is recognized to have actually spawned over seven hundred and also twenty-eight music performances end its six-year run. Glee is obtainable for purchase on iTunes and also the Google play store.

6. Degrassi: next Generation (2001 – 2015)

Made globally renowned by the global superstar, Drake, Degrassi: next Generation is an additional high school television collection known for handling topics that racism, eating disorders, and also heartbreak.

This Canadian television series is created by Linda Schuyler, whose suffer as a school teacher well verified invaluable. It an initial premiered in the native residence of Canada before MTV picked it up and introduced it come the American audience, wherein it to be well received.

The show ran because that a good long fourteen seasons prior to finally being canceled in 2015. In 2016, however, a sequel title Degrassi: next Class was unveiled in the U.S top top Netflix. If you're searching for some hearty shows prefer One Tree Hill, Degrassi: following Generation must be best up her alley.

7. Veronica Mars (2004 – 2007)

When you present high school angst come crime sleuthing, the result is Veronica Mars. certification Kristen Bell and also Percy Daggs III, Veronica Mars complies with a sixteen-year-old teenage girl that once renowned becomes an outcast after ~ the killing of her ideal friend.

Now, under the tutelage of she father that happens to be a sheriff, she begins to learn about the art of criminal investigation, helping her father v his cases while silently investigate the killing of her friend. Set in the fictional town of Neptune, this teen an enig drama perfectly balances the scales in between a usual teen show and also a mature mystery drama.

Veronica Mars received vital acclaim through a Rotten tomato score of 92% and also an IMDb rating of 8.4/10, leave the just complaint you room bound to have with this teen mystery series the it didn’t operation longer. Veronica Mars is available for acquisition on iTunes and also the Google beat store.

8. Freaks and Geeks (1999 – 2000)

Freaks and also Geeks is just one of those mirrors that controlled to fly under the radar and also yet still be touted as one of the finest TV shows of all time. The show follows Lindsay and her brother, exact same Weir, 2 diametrically opposed siblings and also their friends.

Lindsay, a straight A-student, joins a group of college student (the freaks), i beg your pardon leads she to concern the prestige of her studies, when her brothers Sam and his friend (the geeks) have to contend with all the troubles gift a nerdy teenager come with.

The show ran for a single season and is responsible for launching the careers of several actors such as Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Jason Segel.

9. Riverdale (2017 – )

Fans of the 1942 to 2015 comic series “Archie” were in for a pleasant surprise once it was announced that the comic would certainly be getting a show, re-imagined together a dark gritty teenager drama. With bated breath, lock waited together the present titled Riverdale ~ the fictional town in the comic, debuted in 2017, hoping that their beloved comic personalities would not be ruined.

They weren’t and the show took off complete steam. Influenced by a cross-section the Twin Peaks and also Beverly Hills, 90210, Riverdale is a display that does not take chin seriously, balancing the story of high institution life in Riverdale through serial killers and also a Satanic plank game. Audiences have lapped up the show. After receiving hopeful reviews because that all three seasons, Riverdale has been renewed because that a 4th season.

10. Faking that (2014 – 2016)

Faking It acquired off come a rocky start as soon as it first premiered. The premise adhered to two high college students that get confused for a lesbian pair by their school mates. They, however, decision to go v it in stimulate to become popular.

The collection begins come come into its own as soon as the audience discovers the there is a lot much more to this seemingly superficial teenagers than meets the eye. Together it transforms out, one of the girls may actually be a lesbian and is attractive to the other.

Get all set for a rollercoaster drive of sexualities. The collection premiered in 2014 and also after delighting, educating and providing audience with one of the many sexually and gender diverse cast in current history, was lastly canceled in 2016. Faking It is obtainable on iTunes and the Google play store.

11. Runaways (2017 – )

Considering how many superheroes grace the big screen, that would have been a travesty if Hollywood didn’t to fill the gaping void for teenager superheroes. Get in Runaways.

This teen series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe follows the tale of 6 superpowered adolescents from different walks that life who team up against their parents once they discover they room a component of a criminal organization dubbed “The Pride.\"

Make no mistake, nobody of the signature Marvel charm is lost just due to the fact that this is a teen series. Very first released in 2017, Runaways has created itself together a pan favorite not only among the Marvel faithful, but fans the the teen drama genre two in simply its two quick seasons. Those searching for a collection like One Tree Hill will certainly love what Runaways bring to the table.

12. Smallville (2001 – 2011)

Thanks to Christopher Reeve and also Henry Cavill, we’ve had actually the honor of seeing every the assorted adventures the Superman. What Smallville does is offer us the story the a young Clark Kent. This collection follows a teenage Clark Kent together he to learn to control his arising superpowers while handling the life the a usual teenager.

The collection also unboxes the relationship between Clark and also his future nemesis, Lex Luthor, who at that certain moment in their stays are virtually best friends. Running for 10 seasons prior to the season finale in 2011, Smallville ruled the cross-section of adolescents who loved teen dramas and superheroes, which follow to the Rotten tomatoes score that 94% and IMDb rating the 7.5/10 was virtually everybody.

It’s no wonder the guy of Steel hosted an stole grip over tv for ten long years. Smallville is accessible for acquisition on iTunes and the Google beat store.

13. The Wonder years (1988 – 1993)

The Wonder Years is a testament to the truth that no issue the period in time, adolescents will always be plagued through the exact same problems. This teen sitcom indigenous 1988, set in the late 60s tells the story that Kevin Arnold as he goes through life.

What makes this even more interesting is the reality that the entire present is report by an adult Kevin together he relives and recounts the escapades of his younger me to the audience. The Wonder Years ran because that six periods till its last episode was aired in 1993. Widely thought about a classic piece that television, the show won number of accolades, consisting of winning an Emmy for impressive Comedy Series.

14. American Vandal (2017 – 2018)

American Vandal is just one of those series you clock that have actually you perplexed yet entertained in ~ the same time. Utilizing the mockumentary layout of filming, this 2017 series looks to take it a dig at every the other true crime series and documentaries by parodying the genre.

The present follows Peter, one aspiring college student documentarian and his friend Sam as they shot to acquire to the bottom of that is spray painting penises top top the teachers’ cars. Yes, you review that right. Definitely a different kind of teenager drama, the series only lasted two seasons prior to being canceled in 2018.

That did nothing, however, come dissuade the Rotten tomatoes score that 98% it right now holds, along with its Peabody Award won in its first season. All two seasons of American Vandal are available on the network the canceled it, Netflix.

15. Skins (2007 – 2013)

Unlike many teen dramas, this British display doesn’t store things light. With a rotating cast through each season, Skins follows the stays of a group of teenagers as they address school and also the intended troubles that torment the teenage years.

Each episode focuses on an individual character and delves right into their troubles and feasible resolution. The collection enjoyed a lengthy six-year run where it created seven seasons for that is audiences, before finally ending in 2013 ~ its early stage premiere in 2007.

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The present was a rousing success in britain spawning number of awards and also nominations, if embedding itself right into British popular music culture. The shift to one American audience, however, didn’t go so well as the display was exit after just one season. Skins is obtainable for streaming ~ above Netflix.

Did I miss out on out on any kind of other shows like One Tree Hill? let me recognize in the comments section.