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newts-fan-case:So could you do a Sherlock x leader were she is talk his face? (Lol I’m a sinner yet I ain’t sorry) like for one experiment ‘cause Sherlock thinks a person can’t obtain aroused simply by providing pleasure to someone else, but he is wrong and also yeah ;) & Anon: Hi! deserve to I request a smut one shot through Sherlock wherein he wants to shot have the leader sit top top his face and also eat she out and she’s shy & a bit self aware with her body and he provides sure he provides her watch Stars (with a small fkuff)? thank you!Requested through anon:The “Experiment” was awesome! can we have actually a part 2? Pleeeeeaaaaseeee& a shit load of various other people.

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This is Sequel Friday an initial winner.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 2,886

Warnings: Smut (unprotected), un-edited, secuel (yup, it’s a warning)

A/N: Amazing means to plunder an remarkable week. Give thanks to you to everyone that voted!



|PART 1|

AfterSherlock’s small “experiment”, his connection with (Y/N) turned somewhatodd. Lock would proceed to work together and act professional during thecases, however the tension between them was also much.

He hadshowed her a side that no a solitary human believed existed, or at the very least didn’twant to see. He had actually been patient v her, love even, making certain to make herfeel comfortable at every costs, complimenting her, gift gentle and also respectingher limits… absolutely thing a actual gentleman does, yet not the kind of traitsone would mean from Sherlock Holmes.

Then therewas additionally the truth that john was sensing some readjust of vibes in 221B. Ofcourse, he figured it had actually something to carry out with Sherlock’s usual arse behaviour,but it to be weird to watch (Y/N) affected by it.

Sherlockwas sitting on his seat, Watson to be on his and (Y/N) was in between them ~ above the “victim’schair”. Watson had a stern, figured out look on his eyes and Sherlock was calmas usual, thinking that man was also dumb to have figured anything about himand (Y/N).

“What is goingon?” man asked carefully.

“You satellite ushere to talk.” Sherlock replied listlessly. John shut his eyes tightly and also tooka deep breath.

“I mean,what is walking on through you?” he asked once more.

“Me?”Sherlock pointed at himself, “Not much, really. Ns think I had a fever last weekbut…”

“You knowwhat i mean.” Watson breathed out tiredly. “You have been acting much more strangethan usual. You’re doctor Strange these days…”

“That wasan awful comparison, John.” Sherlock interrupted, “I’m not a doctor, anddefinitely not a hero.”

“Can youfocus for once?” Watson begged, “What is walking on?”

Sherlocksighed heavily, learning that john knew him also well to hide points from him.However, the still want to save (Y/N)’s privacy untouched. He clearing histhroat and also hesitated to speak.

“Rememberthat conversation us had around getting aroused by other’s stimulation?” Heinquired. John pouted, browsing in his memory for that particularconversation.

“Oh yeah.”Watson ultimately nodded, “What about it?”

“I…” Onething was to say it to (Y/N), that he trusted in methods he didn’t trust anyone else,and another one was to say it to John and ruin his pride. “I was…”

“Say it.”John ordered.

“I waswrong.” Sherlock whispered quickly.

“Yes youwere!” Watson cheered, “I called you… WAIT! how do you know you were wrong?”

“I…”Sherlock coughed a little, “I do the efforts it.”

“I’m goingto do tea, this is…. Plainly a exclusive conversation.” (Y/N) stated as she gotup from the chair and also walked come the kitchen.

“You triedit?” Sherlock nodded, “With whom? Is Irene miraculously backed from the grave?”

“Don’t besilly, John.” Sherlock shook the assumed with his hand, “I tried the withsomeone else.”


“I can’ttell you she name.” Sherlock mumbled.

“Oh, so Iknow her.” Watson snapped. Sherlock rolling his eyes.

“It’sprivacy matters, John.” Sherlock hissed, “Whether you understand her or no won’tmatter since it was an experiment and also it’s only fair to keep that person’sprivacy untouched no issue if no one will go digging…”

“Right.”John interrupted, “At least tell me how is she like.”

“She’sintelligent, a scientific research lover and also a real professional.” Sherlock spokecarefully, trying not to let his eyes wander towards (Y/N) that lookedincredible in that formal black color dress and white blazer – they to be planning togo on the case later that evening.

“You hireda prostitute who doubles as a science teacher?” man inquired.

“For God’ssake, John!” Sherlock fumed, “She’s a genuine lady!”

“I justwant to know!” john excused himself.


“So… no adoctor?” man insisted as the cabbie relocated through the crowded roads ofLondon towards their destiny.

“No, John,I didn’t sleep through Molly.” Sherlock hissed, “If ns had… She would’ve posted iton the records already.”

“Fairpoint,” john granted. “You’ve to be quiet, (Y/N).”

“You haven’tstopped talking around Sherlock’s adventure so…” She clicked she tongue.

“Right,sorry,” Watson apologized, “I simply want to recognize who…”

“Who woulddo such points with me? check out your blog’s comments, John, over there are many womenin the line.” Sherlock snapped sassily.

“And men.”(Y/N) added.

“And men.”Sherlock repeated, offering her a discreet nod that went unnoticed by John.


They case,as random together it got, forced one of them to jump into a pond to search for therest that the clues. Apparently, Moriarty wasn’t the just one who preferred playinggames. Sherlock, together the gentleman that was, decided to it is in him that jumped to thepond.

“You’re not…”(Y/N) stopped, “Right, you are takingyour clothing off.”

Sherlockremoved his trousers and also shoes, chuckling at just how (Y/N) turned far to avoidlooking at him. “Don’t it is in shy,” the joked, “it wouldn’t it is in the an initial time yousee me naked.” and with that he jumped.

Watson’sface fell into one O as (Y/N)’s face came to be paler. “YOU!” that exclaimed.

“Oh, John,”she chuckled, “you run to conclusions for this reason fast… probably I walked in come himwrapping his blanket one or…”

“You areone that the very few people Sherlock considers smart.” Watson observed, “He saidthe girl was smart.”

“That’s whySherlock is the detective and also you…”

“And youhelped him with his experiment!”


The roadback was silent and uncomfortable. Sherlock mumbled a “sorry” yet was ignoredby (Y/N). Meanwhile, Watson ongoing to ask every kinds of concerns without receivingan answer till he offered up.

The taxidriver left them at 221B.

“It to be onetime, John!” (Y/N) fumed.

“I know, Ijust… i didn’t think you to be the kind of…”

“Kind ofwhat?” Sherlock hissed standing in between (Y/N) and also John protectively.

“Kind ofperson to have sex for the benefits of prove a point!” Watson exclaimed.

“She’s a scientist!”Sherlock defended, “Of food she’s thatkind the person, yet you wouldn’t know!”

“Can westop talking about this?” (Y/N) begged.

“Of course,”Watson agreed, “Mary need to be wait for me.”

“Right.”Sherlock nodded, “Give she my greetings.”

“Our greetings.” (Y/N) corrected, “Tellher I’ll call tomorrow.”

“Okay.”Watson took his jacket and walked to the door, but prior to going out he stoppedand gave them one critical look. “Just one more question?”

“What?”They groaned.

“Does Maryknow about… You?” that inquired. (Y/N) and Sherlock sighed angrily.

“Of courseshe knows.” Sherlock said.

“Yeah, whatkind of world do you think we are?” (Y/N) added.

“Right, somy wife knows and… good night.” Watson left.

The two ofthem remained quiet for a couple of minutes, trying to cool off before actuallytalking come the other.

“Guess thecat is out.” Sherlock mumbled, make the efforts to rest the ice.

“Indeed.” Shesaid, turning to be challenge to face with him. His hands were in his pockets and hewas looking come the floor. The curls that his hair fell messily over his face, and(Y/N) couldn’t help but to imagine just how they would certainly look like, bouncing end hisforehead as he thrusted right into her.

“How areyou feeling?” Sherlock asked, dragging her the end of she dirty thoughts.

“SherlockHolmes asking about my feelings, who would’ve thought?” She joked. Sherlockchuckled and also looked up at her.

“I care foryou.” the confessed in a whisper. (Y/N)’s love melted. Sherlock gave a fewsteps forward.

“That doesn’tsound right…” She said, “Are friend allright?”

“I’m great.”He said. (Y/N) turned off the distance by taking a step forward. Sherlock’s eyeslanded on hers instinctively.

“Good.” Shewhispered. The tension between them was coming to be palpable. They can feel eachother’s breath mixing, ghosting over their skin.

Sherlock’shands got to for she waist carefully, practically like the didn’t desire to yet at thesame time craved to. “A birdie as soon as told me the the ideal stress reliever was…”

“Do girlfriend believeits words?” (Y/N) inquired flirtingly.

“What kindof sane human would trust a bird’s words?” Sherlock joked, do (Y/N) smile.

“I don’tknow… Birds understand so much…” Sherlock agreed.

“If we wereonly stressed…” Sherlock insinuated.

“I amstressed.” (Y/N) spoke quickly, “Watson have the right to be annoying at times.”

“I’d say he’sannoying all the time.” Sherlock observed, “But I’d be happy to aid you prove the bird’s words.”

His lipsfound hers within an instant. It was a slow kiss, but at the same time the washungry and passionate. His hand caressed her ago while hers fisted his blackshirt. In a rapid movement, Sherlock lifted (Y/N) from the floor and also shewrapped her legs roughly his shoulders. Her high heels fell however none of themcared.

Sherlockmoved promptly to his room with (Y/N) in his arms. Your lips hadn’t stoppedtouching, not even for a second, and also so the detective to be walking blindly,which brought about him crashing against a wall surface before they reached to the bed.

He placed(Y/N) softly end the sheets. Possibly he to be a passionate lover, however hisadoration for her made him treat her like a porcelain doll. He then crawledover her, and also moved his kisses under to she jaw and neck.

Not asingle mark would he leave, she skin was also perfect to hurt it; therefore, Sherlockmade sure to leaving soft pecks here and there, wanting to do much more but at thesame time wanting to prayer her choose the goddess she to be to his eyes.

(Y/N)stroked his hair for a tiny while and then propelled him therefore they rolled over hisback and (Y/N) was on top.

“On topagain?” Sherlock chuckled.

“Only totake turn off my dress.” She winked in ~ him and a glimpse the desire might be viewed inhis icy eyes. (Y/N) crawled the end of the bed, turning her earlier to Sherlock whosoon joined her. She relocated her hair the end of the way, permitting the detective tounzip she dress.

Hismovements were slow, calculated, yet so loving… he admired each and also every inchof skin that slowly acquired exposed come him. (Y/N) looked back at him, mesmerized bythe look on his challenge – it to be her, the cause for the perplex smile.

Once the zipperwas down, (Y/N) left her dress to slide down her body, landing ~ above the floor. Sherlockcaressed she skin, leaving soft kisses over her shoulder as his hand wrappedaround her waist.

(Y/N)turned to be challenge to challenge with him and also started unbuttoning his shirt. There wasno one chasing after them, no one urging lock to it is in quick, so they take it theirtime come love the other.

Sherlock’sskin was ashen against hers, and in that comparison they discovered each other’sdesire. The wasn’t anything that can be described with words, yet rather afeeling, deep under that described it all.

Sherlockspotted every freckle he might find while she removed his trousers. Oncethey were only in your underwear, they got earlier in bed.

Anotherheated kiss was adhered to by Sherlock’s battle to eliminate her brassiere – again – and then, Sherlock pushing herback come lay level in bed. He wanted to be on peak that time, and also (Y/N) didn’targue.

He left atrail that kisses everywhere her skin; wherever his hand touched, his lips werethere soon. (Y/N)’s breath hitched as soon as he gained close to she centre. Sherlocksmiled flirtingly and started progressively pulling her panties down.

From thatposition, Sherlock might see the lower curve of she breasts and the pointer of hernose. Her skin became a desert; smooth and mysterious. It was incredible just how hebecame a poet anytime (Y/N) was around.

She wasbare as soon as more. Sherlock known her body, for his memories of the previous wereso vivid the was practically like remembering the text to one’s favourite song. Andso he moved earlier up, leaning closer to kiss her when again.

(Y/N) gotrid that his boxers and also so their hands explored every other’s bodies in fullsynchronization. Her eyes to be shut, enjoying each and also every single touch ofSherlock’s, noticing the goose bumps his call would leaving behind.

On theother hand, Sherlock had actually his eyes open. He wanted to see her, come carve eachcurve, edge, freckle… Every detail into his mind. He want to remember her,and if he wasn’t a gentleman, he would’ve asked because that a snapshot only come rememberher anytime she wasn’t around.

He alignedto she entrance, desire to watch if she could take him, if he would certainly be enough toplease her. Sherlock would certainly hate himself forever if the left her walk homedisappointed. (Y/N) could have asked him to run in that moment and also Sherlockwould’ve done it gladly only to make her happy.

“Do it.” Shebegged, “It’s one experiment, remember?” She winked.

Sherlocksmiled at her words. Experiment, theirultimate hideout; one inside joke made just for your ears.

He buriedhimself into her. Slowly, at first, for this reason they could both adjust. She to be warm,welcoming and also so prepared for him… Sherlock couldn’t aid but to feel choose hebelonged with her. (Y/N) moaned slightly together he gotten in deeper and deeper. Hewas offering her time, he was permitting her to avoid him if she essential – yet shedidn’t.

Once the wasfully in, he gave her a glance the begged because that orders. He want her to be theone to rule over their tiny experiment, because, the was she body after ~ all.He didn’t matter, as lengthy as she felt good.

“Move,please.” She whispered softly. Sherlock traction out and also then earlier in again in afaster motion.

His armsworked as support, one at every side of (Y/N)’s head, cautious not to traction herhair accidentally. She legs framed his hips, and her ago was contempt arched.Sherlock ongoing to move, speeding up with every thrust until he obtained to acomfortable pace: not to slow, yet not too rapid either.

(Y/N) wasunable to supress she moans, and Sherlock to be absolutely thankful for that. Thesound of she voice begging, call his name, made points to the – things hecouldn’t explain.

(Y/N) threwher head earlier as he touched a particular spot. Her jaw clenched for a secondbefore a loud moan escaped she plumped lips. The vision to be breath-taking; itwas absurd exactly how a basic thing favor so make Sherlock’s whole-self puffy in joy.

Sherlockmade sure to hit stated spot over and over because that as lengthy as the could. (Y/N)’s handsreached for his neck, pulling the curls at the ago of that unconsciously.Sherlock moaned through her together fingers left his hair and also dragged native the height ofhis shoulders to his waist, leaving a trace of red marks along his back.

Her wallsclenched tightly against him, taking him through surprise and making him whimpersoftly at the feeling. (Y/N) mumbled a blasphemy and also ordered Sherlock to movefaster. The obeyed, that course, and also within seconds (Y/N) was panting under him.

Her backwas arched in such a means Sherlock might feel her nipples versus his ceiling chestwhenever he thrusted back in her. She preserved her eye closed and she to be bitingher reduced lip. She to be frantically trying to find something to organize onto until herhands got to for Sherlock’s shoulders, and she gripped tightly come him prefer acastaway holds unto the very first rock they find in the sea.

“Sherlock.”She whispered.

“I’m righthere.” He managed to say. (Y/N) leaned her head earlier to the pillow together a coldwave of pleasure aroused her senses. She exclaimed his surname in together a way hegot triggered as well, hitting his very own climax practically at the same time together her.

He buriedhis face into the crook of her neck and also groaned in a deep, raspy voice, callingfor her. They convulsed against the various other as the tide of satisfied messed theirminds choose a tsunami. Sherlock held her tightly, together her grip ended up being strongeraround his shoulders.

Eventually,it passed, yet they continued to be in the exact same position. The adopt they had actually endedup in was as well comfortable, too familiar, and also they absolutely didn’t want tomove.


“Are youstressed?” Sherlock inquired together he zipped her dress back. She to be standingright in prior of the tiny winter in the bathroom; her face was wet and also herhair was up in a messy bun.

“Not atall.” She smiled, “I think our experimentsucceeded.”

Sherlocksmiled back. He finished zipping her and (Y/N) turned to view him directly. Hewas quiet naked, yet had his blue robe on. (Y/N) had to go home, so she hadtried to to wash the sweat turn off just sufficient for her to usage the pipe withoutreceiving strange stares native the rest of the passengers.

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Sherlocksmiled warmly, stroking a lose strand of hair and also then she cheek. “That birdwas right.”

“What asmart bird.” She giggled, “Looks prefer this seriesof experiments room successful each time.”

“Series of experiments?” Sherlock liftedan eyebrow, “I choose it.”

“Rest, Mr. Holmes.”She whispered, “There’s tho a situation to it is in solved.”

Whateverwould happen next would certainly be precious it. (Y/N) to be delightful, a splendid being andSherlock to be anxiously wait for their following experiment.