Shark NV803 DuoClean it is provided Lift-Away rate Upright Vacuum is a strong and durable, convertible upright vacuum cleaner, perfect as the main vacuum cleaner even for larger homes and apartments. Shark NV803 features several that Shark’s technologies for quicker and much better cleaning, including Powered Lift-Away, DuoClean technology, progressed Swivel

Steering, Anti-Allergen finish Seal, and other technologies. Motorized floor nozzle based on DuoClean technology is an unified with a flexible cleaning hose and several cleaning attachments because that cleaning assorted surfaces from the floor come the ceiling. And also it comes at a very acceptable price, even when not on sale!

Shark NV803 Features and Specifications


Shark NV80* collection has three settings of operation:

Upright mode: This is the most usual mode the operation. The vacuum is a standard upright vacuum and also used because that cleaning floors, nevertheless of the floor type.

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Lift-Away mode: In Lift-Away mode, the Lift-Away pod is detached indigenous the rest of the vacuum and used because that elevated surfaces favor stairs, bookshelves, desks, ceiling fans, blinds, etc. Lift-Away ford weigh about 6.4 pounds (~2.9 kg) and also can be brought in one hand, while cleaning is done utilizing the various other hand.

Canister mode: when the Lift-Away pod is attached come the canister caddy, Shark NV80* series effectively i do not care a classic canister vacuum cleaner. In this mode, a vacuum is supplied for clean both floors and elevated surfaces. However, canister caddy is marketed separately, which isn’t that negative – most human being prefer upright mode for cleaning flat floor surface anyway, and canister caddy would simply collect the dust and also increase the early price that the vacuum cleaner.

Uprights vs Canister Vacuums? If you were indecisive about which vacuum come buy, upright or canister, Shark NV803 solves this dilemma.

Shark NV80* DuoClean Vacuums Series

Shark NV800: pet multi-tool, Duster crevice tool.

Shark NV801: pets multi-tool, Duster crevice tool, Under-appliance wand.

Shark NV803: pet multi-tool, Duster crevice tool, Under-appliance wand, Pet strength brush, Accessory bag.

Shark UV810: pet multi-tool, Duster crevice tool, Under-appliance wand, Pet strength brush, Accessory bag, Flexi crevice tool, Precision duster.

Note: The last design is ‘UV810’, not ‘NV810’, again, follow to the official Shark’s website.


Although individual clean attachments deserve to be purchased later on when required, once they come with the vacuum itself, they room cheaper.

Pet multi-tool combine a stiff bristle brush and upholstery tool in one multi-tool. Stubborn bristle brush clears stubborn debris from different surfaces if the upholstery device is designed come clean pet hair and also other hard-to-remove dirt and debris indigenous upholstery and comparable surfaces.

The duster crevice tool combines a soft dusting brush and a crevice tool. The dusting brush offers a soft brush come agitate dust and other tiny particles that the perceptible surfaces, which are then gathered by strong airflow right into the vacuum. The crevice tool is designed to clean narrow and often hard-to-reach areas, favor edges, corners, between cushions, follow me the baseboards, etc.

Under-appliance wand successfully clean under, around, and also behind tough to move furniture, appliances, and other objects. The extension part can be flipped end to clean the underside that cleaned objects. This is a very useful cleaning attachment, and also when being supplied for the first time, it deserve to collect rather big amounts the dirt and various long-lost smaller objects.

Pet power brush is draft to pick up pet and human hair and also different loose debris. It does the same task as the pets multi-tool, other than that the is a tiny bit much more ‘aggressive’ top top the surface. It cleans deeply embedded dust, hair, and other dirt from the upholstery, stairs, and other surfaces.

IMHO, Shark NV803, to represent the finest buy choice of the entirety NV80* series, specifically when found on sale.

Technical specifications the NV803 and other NV80* vacuums room the same:

Motor paint, etc 9.5 Amps and is rated in ~ 1150 W. It provides plenty that suction, regardless of the cleaning setting or used cleaning attachment.

The strength Cord is 30 feet (~9.15 m) long and also provides lengthy reach making use of a single wall strength socket. Unfortunately, NV803 no come through the power cord automatic rewind system. The strength cord is save on the wrap hooks ~ above the vacuum’s sides. Keep in mind that the power cord automatically rewind mechanism would leveling the use of the vacuum. Still, it would likewise increase mechanical complexity and also the weight of the Lift-Away pod.

The weight the the vacuum in the upright vacuum setting is 14.5 pounds (~6.6 kg), when the Lift-Away pod weighs 6.4 pounds (slightly less than 3 kg).

Air filters: NV80* series come with 3 air filter – pre-motor foam filter, pre-motor feel filter and also post-motor HEPA filter.

Note: filters space washable and also design to last the life time of the unit. Must something occur to the filters, change them with new OEM filters.

Dust Cup capacity is 0.9 quarts (~1 liter) – capacity might be larger, however the dust cup is quickly emptied. That is encourage to empty the dust cup after each use.


Physical dimensions the the unit room (LxWxH) 11.8×11.9×46.1 inches (~30 x 30.2 x 117 cm) and the cleaning width of the motorized floor nozzle is 8.5 inches (~21.6 cm).

Warranty: 7-year minimal warranty, which is very good. Keep in mind that belts and also filters space designed to critical a lifetime of the unit, for this reason there space no covert operational costs. Have to something happen to this parts, always replace them with OEM spare parts.

Shark NV803 is a an easy unit come operate, but due to the fact that there are couple of specific procedures, the is extremely recommended to read the manual/instructions top top the unit’s arrival.

Shark NV752 vs. Shark NV803

Shark Rotator NV752 powered Lift-Away TruePet Vacuum is an enlarge Shark’s Lift-Away vacuum, i beg your pardon is likewise designed come be provided as the main vacuum cleaner also in larger homes and also apartments, just like the more recent Shark NV803 DuoClean it is provided Lift-Away speed vacuum.

More about Shark NV752 deserve to be found in our Shark Rotator powered Lift-Away NV751, NV752, and NV753 Vacuums – Comparison and also Recommendation write-up (link opens in the brand-new window).

Both Shark NV752 and NV803 have the right to be provided as a standard upright vacuum cleaner, together a Lift-Away vacuum, and as a canister vacuum cleaner using an optional canister caddy.

Shark NV752 comes through a slightly stronger motor (1200 W vs 1150 W), however it also comes through a slightly wider cleaning path (10.5 vs 8.5 inches) – this means


that Shark NV752 can cover a bigger area faster, yet it also requires much more passes to clean deeply embedded and also stuck-on debris 보다 Shark NV803.

The power cord size is the same – 30 feet.

Air filtration in both devices is an extremely good, however NV803 comes through slightly far better air filtration – 99.99% vs 99.9% that 0.3 microns or bigger particles.

NV752 comes through a bigger dust cup – 1.4 dried quarts vs 0.9 dry quarts. This is a ~50% difference and can be necessary when routinely cleaning greatly soiled floors.

Both units have solid LED headlights, yet NV752 additionally comes v LED lamp on the handle, which can be crucial when the unit is supplied in Lift-Away and also canister modes, without a engine- floor nozzle.

Available cleaning attachments are similar, yet not the same. Both models come through a pet multi-tool and Duster crevice tool. Also, NV803’s Pet strength Brush is comparable to NV752’s TruePet motor Brush. But, NV752 comes with tough Floor Genie and also NV803 comes v an Under appliance wand.

Since NV803 comes through a DuoClean motorized floor nozzle, the doesn’t call for attachment optimized for hard floors (like NV752’s tough Floor Genie). Still, Under appliance, the wand have the right to be an extremely useful in plenty of situations.

IMHO, NV803 comes v a better set of clean tools and attachments – not by a huge margin, yet nonetheless, an essential one.

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Long Story Short: Shark NV803 DuoClean it is provided Lift-Away speed Upright Vacuum combine several necessary features in one single, flexible unit. It is no the cheapest upright vacuum on the market, but considering every the options, that is a quite affordable equipment for maintaining the totality home clean.

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