Dunkin’ bones (Hidden City)

If there’s one thing there’s certainly a many in shadow of the tomb Raider, it’s skeletons. So the thought of recognize three an ext doesn’t sound too appealing. Good thing then, the the task here is to bump three boney to adjust of remains with Lara’s body, resulting in them to fall into the river. That way clever usage of the rappel line. Remember, you can rappel from any kind of grapple-friendly wall surface by pushing either of the cause (tap it, don’t hold). Then use the left stick to select the height you’d like Lara come be as soon as she swings, then push in the right trigger again yet hold that this time, and also push backwards and also forwards top top the left stick, building up momentum, and hopefully knocking those skellies right into the drink. So where space they? Let’s uncover out.

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1. Quick Travel come the basic camp in ~ the holy place of Kukulkan. Do your method along the cliffs that lead to the prison where you freed Unuratu and, an extremely soon after starting, you’ll find this fellow. So run to the climbable wall, clamber about then get yourself up to the top and along the shimmy ledges, then down onto the wall that you have the right to climb on. Currently rappel down and also run follow me the wall surface until friend knock right into him. Note: This skeleton might not show up in your video game when friend arrive as result of an apparent bug. Therefore if that isn’t there, leave the area and fast travel back again, or even reset her Xbox. The skeleton will certainly be there eventually.

2. The second is a small further along the course to the jail from the first. So continue along until you are forced to rappel down and also do a swing run to the island below. However don’t jump simply yet - the skeleton is to her left as you’re hanging. Take her time and bump right into him by swinging. For this reason let go of every the buttons, then revolve Lara v the left stick, then as soon as you’re dealing with old boney face, host the best trigger and rock the left pole backwards and also forwards through Lara to develop up momentum. If you’re too high, stop, let walk of the trigger, pull the stick contempt down and have one more go.

3. Proceed along this path towards the prison. When you reach the fork, go left and also make a rope line over to the jail itself. When across, rotate right and also use the swing pole come jump throughout the gap. Make your method around on the climbable wall, and also you have to see the critical skeleton over there on the wall surface beyond. But you can’t reach it from here. Therefore you have to jump to the right and push X/Square come tether to the ceiling (yes, it’s a real leap the faith), and when you’re dangling there, you deserve to swing into the skeleton to finish the challenge. Woo hoo!

Dropping decimals (Hidden City)

This is one of the hardest challenges in the game, not due to the fact that the objects in question are difficult to destroy, but because one of castle is so much away native the other two, it feels a little bit cheap in all honesty. Anyway your target below are ‘quipus’ which to be Incan messages, us believe. All you must do, however is swing turn off them through your grappling line. For this reason make sure you’re close enough to them, jump up and then push either Square (PS4) or X (Xbox One) to tether the hoop in ~ the bottom, which then breaks as Lara place her weight on it. And here’s where you’ll discover them:

1. The very first is at the suggest where the lines intersect of due north of the Temple path base camp and east that the diagonal white heat (the zip line) on the map. Go where those imagine lines crossing to discover the very first quipu.

2. North-east of the holy place District basic camp, you’ll must climb up onto the wooden platform to make the grab v your grapple line.

3. Amazingly, this isn’t almost everywhere NEAR where the search marker and also the various other two quipus are. No, you should go come the Abandoned village base camp, up the spirally stairs and then it’s ahead of you. Boom. Difficulty complete. Just how long to be you looking?

Changing the Weather (Hidden City)

The ‘changing the weather’ an obstacle asks you to rope pull 5 frog totems. They’re hanging native stakes roughly the village, and not the simplest of points to spot, also though they are pinky purple.

The first one deserve to be discovered just to the west the the diagonal zip line close to the south of the village. 
Just take the end your bow - even though generally you can’t fire that in the village area for obvious reasons - and also Lara will certainly nock an arrow when you float over the rope ~ above the stake. Therefore fire away and Lara will pull it down. That’s one frog in the box. So come speak.

2. This one is simply south of the southern bridge, in between the two buildings with measures in-between. Again, shoot it v your bow and Lara pulls it down.

3. This one is much higher up. Head for the are of the map straight south-west the the lower bridge and directly phibìc of the Temple route base camp. Look up to the roof that the structure here and you’ll watch it by the window.

4. Was standing in the infirmary area and also look north-west. You’ll check out the totem top top this house. One come go!

5. The last one is ideal by the mission mite on the map, also though they don’t typically represent any kind of of the answers. Look because that it above your head as you come the end of this hut. 
Boom! all the frogs space yours. And also the weather? Well, it’s tho the same. Meh.

Keep calm and also carrion

 (Hidden City)

This is an enjoyable hunt, as you seek out 5 bird’s nests roughly Paititi. All you have to do is press X or square while you’re standing straight over the next and you’ll include it come your challenge tally, and snagging some rare feathers.

1. Number one is discovered by climbing increase the big, white tree (pictured) close to the water in ~ the peak of the village with the two small islands and also making your method from the tree come the cliff. Once you’ve clambered up (watch because that the white wall surface at one point, i beg your pardon you’ll have to double-tap A come scramble up), there’s a swarm there.

2. Over there is a rope bridge you do to take you across the water come the crypt in the north-east that the abandoned village. But before you make claimed rope line, look under by her feet simply to the ideal of the rope poles.

 very easy to miss, for this reason don’t perform that. Together for where this is, exactly, start by in search of the white wall surface in this screenshot:

3. Together for the final nest, rise up at this point in the hidden City and also make your method along in the little gap in between this tree and this house. The nest is in there, on the floor. Easy. 

Speak that the Dead (The covert City)

This an obstacle doesn’t feel choose the others, since it involves finding crypts, which are very similar to the challenge tombs. But hey - it’s a tomb and also you get to raid it, which is kinda the suggest of a game called Tomb Raider, for this reason you’d much better be made conscious of your whereabouts, hey? Here’s wherein they are.

There’s a climbable tree and also once you acquire high sufficient in it, you deserve to swing over to the cliffs. A little way along, you have the right to pull you yourself up. Climate there’s an additional jump till you finish up climbing as much as a ledge. Don’t run off with the swan dive prompt - go into the crypt instead. Walk in, climate squeeze v the wall surface to the room with the sit corpse, then proceed through come the left. Make your way through and also down, every the method to the bottom the the tall, one room. The sarcophagus is just off this room, increase the climbable wall.

2.This is actually wherein you were for the store Calm and Carrion challenge. So begin at the map here:

And climb up the wall surface that has white repaint on it come the rope line point. Fire an arrowhead to the white rope on the various other side and Lara will affix it, do a zipline. Jump approximately it and ride it across - don’t forget to organize forwards as it’s feasible to autumn in the water at the finish if girlfriend don’t maintain your momentum. This is the enntrance gate to the crypt. When inside, watch for the tripline catch (disable it v Y/Triangle), then get in the water. Swim v the tunnels absorbing air together you go, until you involved a barrier that demands to be broken (use Instinct to do it easier to see). ~ that, squeeze v the small gap and also continue, then swim come the surface ar in the circular room. The sarcophagus awaits!

3.Fast travel to the temple of Kukulkan basic camp - we’re heading throughout to the much side of the jail - here, in fact.

This is whereby the traveler backpack is, however there’s a rope line alongside it. Jump down from the ledge below if friend can’t check out either - it’s nearer the water and also a bit difficult to see. Do the rope line to the scaffolding ~ above the far cliff and cross it. Monitor the route of shimmy ledges and also jump increase the white wall to obtain inside the crypt. Climate there’s just some swimming to it is in done. Do your way down and also to the best to enter through the squeeze out gap, then be certain to grab wait whenever you discover a pocket of it. Climate the just slightly tricky part is the rappel swing once you’ve climbed increase the wall surface with your pick and jumped come the ceiling (again psychic to push X/Square to reattach your line to the roof). When you’ve done so, the sarcophagus is there for the looting!

4. From the temple of Kukulkan base camp, drop down off the ledge and shimmy left, then rise the ceiling wall surface downwards before rappelling down and swinging come the ledge. Enter the crypt with the feet in the wall. Once inside, after ~ the slide, scrabble-jump when you leap come the counter weight (press run again as soon as you soil on it) and ride the counter-weight every the way to the bottom, whereby you’ll find the sarcophagus.

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