All Shadow Boxes and also Flag Cases by Greg Seitz Woodworking are individually made to order. Deauthorize and also Fabrication are done totally in residence , ensuring attention to detail, wonderful construct and end up qualities via safe arrival of your order to your door! We usage just High Quality Domestic Hardwoods, Hardware and Fabrics with Real Glass Windows.

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Shadow BoxesFlag Cases

Classic Woodworking with a Purpose

Greg Seitz Woodfunctioning specializes in handmade Custom Wood Shadow Boxes and also Flag Cases that reexisting the ideal and also many customizable flag instances obtainable. Each case, regardmuch less of price or dimension, is made individually from scratch to the greatest criteria. I’m going to makeYourflag situation, opposed to pull one from a warehome shelf.


I set my standards high to ensure that you get the best outcomes and are satisfied with your purchase!

Custom Wood Shadow Boxes Built To Last

Every one of my Flag Cases and Custom Wood Shadow Boxes are made from very fine domestic hardwoods and hand also finished with Lacquer. I understand also that your purchase is for someone special, and also create each flag situation with that in mind.

Find Your Style

Here to shop for a Military Retirement Shadow Box? Tright here are plenty of samples in our Gallery! I job-related via all Branches of the USA Armed Services to aid produce a memorable event!

Custom Sized Flag Case and Shadow Box combination

Rock Solid Standards

I occupational tough for you and also stand behind what I make Eexceptionally Day!

Photograph Inlhelp Slump Glass Plates

Hand also Made Picture Infused Slumped Glassware

Keep the memories of your loved ones alive via their photo foffered on multilayered glass. Engraved and filled via 24k gold! For more around this one-of-a-kind Artisan Made item

5×9 Memorial Flag Case via shell casing area

5×9 “Lite Display Base” Flag Case

Hand also Made box for a Flag presented by an Honor Guard at a funeral for a fallen military serviceman, police officer , firefighter or public servant. Customizable through personalized engraving on hardwood and also glass! The Gold Standard for U.S. Made Flag Cases!

Shvery own with a 2 Tip Laser Engraving

16×24 Shadow Box through a 3×5 Corner Flag Frame (Shvery own via More Flag framework option)

16×24 Shadow Box & 3×5 Corner Flag Frame

Top high quality Amerihave the right to Hardwoods are offered to make this shadow box designed for Military Retirements, or presentations requiring a 3×5 flag. Select your woods, towel colors, and box orientation. Add personalization utilizing a plaque or laser engraving!

12×24 shadow box through edge flag frame

12×24 Shadow Box through 3×5 Corner Flag Frame

This hardwood situation is perfect for Military and First Responder retirements. Small yet versatile, the interior have the right to display a certificate, photos, patches and also more consisting of a folded 3×5 flag. Works well in conjunction via our Laser Cut Wood Mats!

16×32 shadow box with corner flag frames

16×32 Shadow Box

Great for Eagle Scouts! The 16×32 shadow box can host most flag sizes, and is lengthy enough to organize Merit Badge Sashes, and Arrows in addition to every one of their patches built up alengthy their journey! Add the Flag Frame you must complete your display!

Walnut Box for Shell Casings from a funeral via Military Honors

The Honor Guard Cartidge Box

This small wood situation is designed especially to display screen cartridges fired by an Honor Guard at a funeral via Military Honors. Made from a selection of hardwoods, package is fully customizable with engraving alternatives.

Walnut Shadow Box through medals and Memorial Flag

18×18 Shadow Box for a Folded Casket Flag.

This is an excellent means to screen a 5×9 Memorial Flag and also Military Decorations in a tiny package without breaking the bank! Want to incorporate a photo? Consider including a Sublimated Photograph printed on Aluminum. We deserve to print to any kind of size!

(Our Shadowbox) arrived yesterday with some severe Fort Knox-esque packaging and it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to acquire everything mounted and also get it displayed! I can’t give thanks to you enough for the craftsmanship and also attention to information.

I was past impressed via the quality of the craftsmanship on the flag situation – it really is a occupational of art! One of my dad’s hobbies all his life was woodworking.

He would have been proud to understand his funeral flag will be shown in such a good flag case.

Plus, rarely have actually I checked out a product so thoughttotally packaged for shipping to prevent damage. Great task all around!

Today, I ultimately had actually the chance to open the flag frame you sent out to me. The order arrived in perfect problem, and also my family members and also I were so exceptionally pleased and also impressed by the beautiful and also exquisite craftsmanship that went into producing this frame. It truly went beyond my expectations. I recognize that my husband also additionally would be so extremely proud and also pleased. Thank you again, and also may God bless you!

Since July of 2020, I’ve been making flag cases for Families and also Departments of our Police Officers who have been eliminated in the line of duty by a Felon. It has prstove to be rather an undertaking. For the most component, news of a murdered police officer does not make headlines external of the region wbelow the loss emerged. So, I’ll carry out some research…

Continue Reading Customers Support Our Fallen Police Officers!

Here is a Handmade Box

I made today!

Air Force Shadow Box through Coin Shelf and C-17 Engraving

What I do, I understand, results civilization, and has considerable meaning for a household member, or an individual that has actually spent their life serving US!

This is the week of September 13, 2021.

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Orders for Shadow Boxes and Flag Cases made this week are reserved for manufacturing and also distribution in the second week of April 2022…yes, demand also is high, however I’m not planning a price increase at this time.

I am currently 1 week ahead of Schedule!

I will certainly make NO commitment to develop and ship orders intfinished for Christmas Delivery. Sorry folks…no cutting in line!

On July 4, 2021, I hired a shop assistant! It’s clear that the demand also for what I’m making is high, and it is time to attend to a backlog that proceeds to grow. Its additionally time to become as much of a teacher as I am a manufacturing specialist. In the coming weeks and also months, our goal is to reduced the backlog in fifty percent, offering my infinitely patient customers some relief. We’ll save you posted.