American tennis player Serena Williams made an ace statement in she one-legged catsuit inspired during Monday and Wednesday’s matches in ~ the Australian Open.

After revealing it was motivated by late Olympic sprint legend Florence Griffith Joyner iconic look, Williams has actually now admitted she didn’t have actually time to test out the “last minute outfit” and was worried around a potential wardrobe malfunction.

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Speaking at she post-match push conference on Wednesday night after beating Serbia’s Nina Stojanovic, the 39-year-old revealed she had actually to stay skin-toned underwear due to the fact that the catsuit was see-through.

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“It’s light,” she said. If friend look increase close, it’s actually breathable and also it’s perforated, so it’s in reality super irradiate to a suggest where I need to make sure I’m wearing underwear. Naked colour, though.”

Two days previously Williams spoke about the vision behind the look, saying she was “inspired through Flo-Jo, who was a wonderful monitor athlete.”

“We thought, ‘What can we perform to keep elevating the Serena Williams on the court,’” she added, crediting she fashion team with the early idea.


As reported by’s Ron Dicker, Flo-Jo was recognized for making fashion statements on the track, including outfits that left one leg exposed and also the other sheathed in clinging material.

Meanwhile Williams led to quite a stir through her ‘Black Panther’-inspired catsuit at the 2018 French Open. She wore a lavender tutu in ~ the US open that exact same year.

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"This year we believed of what have the right to we perform to save elevating the Serena Williams ~ above the court."The story behind

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