Following every one of the information that was provided to us in episode 3 the ABC’s “Secrets and also Lies,” episode 4 of the collection tied the piece together.

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The Season 2 installment“The Detective,” starts precisely where the last illustration ended, in ~ the house of a mrs who has actually a total to she head. After asking Eric (Michael Ealy) if he is going to remain or go, Eric answers the secret blonde man and enters the house. There, Eric find the guy interrogating the woman and asks her around Liam (Graham Phillips).

Wary the the masculine interrogation methods, Eric the town hall on as the male demands that the woman speak to Liam to fulfill up with her. After threatening to ache her, the woman ultimately gives in and also tells Liam to meet with she at a diner.

After 45 minute at the diner, Liam never shows, forcing the man to grab the woman by her arm and also drag she outside. Together Eric city hall this unfold, that fears because that the woman’s safety and shoves the man, permitting the woman to run away. The guy reveals the the woman was his lead at acquiring closer come finding the guy who may understand where his absent daughter Rachel is.

Sorry for his mistake, Eric discover he has actually another way to find Liam however won’t tell the guy until he reveals just how he knows his wife, Kate Warner (Jordanna Brewster). The male reveals that he met Kate at a maternity store and also revealed to her that she remained in the last well-known photo that his daughter Rachel. In a flashback, Kate admits that she doesn’t recognize who Rachel is yet if she sees her or her friend Carly, she would acquire in call with the man.

With the answer that needed, Eric reveals the Liam to be hired by Kate and knows whereby he’ll be that night. Eric and also the man head to a DJ Carnage concert to find Liam but unfortunately, Detective Cornell got there prior to they could and also had Liam sent to jail. If in jail, Liam is grilled through Detective Cornell however knowing they have no case versus him, just answers two questions.

Liam (Graham Phillips) expose a many information around Kate and also Carly, however is that the killer? Liam reveals the he had nothing to carry out with Kate’s murder and also provides his alibi. But he did see someone the may have something to carry out with it. According to Liam, the night the a company party, Eric’s brother, Patrick (Charlie Barnett), to be drunk and also threatened Kate. While Liam doesn’t understand if Patrick eliminated Kate, that did say that on any type of night, a drunk person can do anything.

This causes Detective Cornell to pay a visit to Patrick at his office. After asking him about Kate, Patrick reveals the he had nothing to do with Kate and also she loved him an ext than several of the human being in his very own family. Patrick admits to threatening Kate but said it was just the drunk the talking.

Trying to figure out a method to get Liam back in your hands, the man tells Eric to short article Liam’s bail, therefore they can obtain to him when he leaves jail. ~ posting the $10,000 bail, the man reveals his surname to Eric, calling self Danny (Kenny Johnson). The arrangement to obtain to Liam doesn’t go specifically as Danny wants but after Liam pipeline jail early, Danny is quiet able to get a hold of Liam and ties him up in his trunk.

With a new plan setup, Danny is all set to obtain his answers native Liam and also has a method to send him earlier to jail after he’s through with him. Danny requirements to understand if Liam to know his daughter, together he was likewise featured in the photograph with her however Liam claims he only saw her and also didn’t speak come her. He claims Rachel was there with her friend, who was there v Neil (Eric Winter).

After once again assuring the he had nothing to perform with Kate’s murder, Eric asks that why Kate would even hire him learning that he lied on his resume. Assuring Eric that he wasn’t Kate’s son, Liam reveals that Kate felt negative for Liam and also knew what it was choose to make mistakes inlife and also get a second chance. Liam promised Kate that he would change his old ways however eventually admitted to trying to steal money indigenous Eric’s company.

Liam additionally revealed the Kate might have remained in some kind of problem after receiving a bank notice. Follow to Liam, the an alert was the only document she hosted onto in her office however after Eric said he didn’t see the notice in Kate’s office, he believes the someone may have broke in and taken it.

Upset the Liam would lie to Kate, Eric referred to as the police and gave lock Liam’s whereabouts so he might be taken ago to jail. Facing a minimum of 5 years in prison, Eric feel no remorse for Liam.

With a new lead in your sight, Danny and Eric collection up a method to satisfy with Neil. Together Neil headed to Eric’s house, the was quickly subdued by Danny, who started to rough him up. Trying to find answers about his daughter, Neil reveals that Rachel was just at the party as a friend of his guest, a call girl.

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As Neil starts to reveal much more and an ext information, Eric and also Danny hear a knock at the door. No expecting any guests, Danny opens the door to disclose Detective Cornell. “Detective,” Danny claims to Cornell. “Detective,” she replies come Danny.

In episode 4 that “Secrets and Lies,” Eric (Michael Ealy) continues the search for the killer of his wife but is left with an ext questions.