S2 · E1 · The Devils Are Here

23 Sep 2015

Still in federal lockup, Lucious is trying to run Realm... more

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S2 · E2 · Without A Country

30 Sep 2015

Cookie and also her cohorts decide to begin their own small... more

S2 · E3 · Fires of Heaven

7 Oct 2015

Anika covertly work together behind Lucious’ back to pull... more

S2 · E6 · A High Hope For A Low Heaven

4 Nov 2015

Lucious and Cookie should put aside their differences and work-related... more

S2 · E7 · True Love Never

11 Nov 2015

Lucious begins to strategize the ascension of Empire from... more

S2 · E8 · My Bad Parts

18 Nov 2015

Lucious, eager to assert his power, releases a rap by Freda... more

S2 · E9 · Sinned Against

25 Nov 2015

Cookie and her sister, Candace, team up with a former prison... more

S2 · E10 · Et Tu, Brute?

2 Dec 2015

Lucious provides a reckless play for the streaming organization that... more

S2 · E11 · Death Will Have His Day

30 Mar 2016

After shedding the firm he developed, Lucious announces he will... more

S2 · E12 · A Rose by Any Other Name

6 Apr 2016

With Hakeem acting as Empire’s CEO, Camilla sinks her cregulations... more

S2 · E13 · The Tameness of a Wolf

13 Apr 2016

Tensions in between Lucious and also his sons proceed to increase. Back... more

S2 · E14 · Time Shall Unfold

20 Apr 2016

Lucious releases his brand-new music video, as he manipulates and... more

S2 · E15 · More Than Kin

27 Apr 2016

With help from Andre, Lucious hosts a fundraiser, as component of... more

S2 · E16 · The Lyon Who Cried Wolf

4 May 2016

A wrench is thrvery own into Lucious’ deeply personal music video... more

S2 · E18 · Past Is Prologue

18 May 2016

After a life-transforming experience, Jamal refsupplies to make... more


S2 · E9 · Sinned AgainstCan you PLEASE tell me the song that was playing once anika ARRIVED at Hakeems house... more
S2 · E2 · Without A CountryCan someone please tell me the name of the initially song hakeem drops in season one? more



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