FORTNITE"S "Search between a Pool, Windmill and also an Umbrella" difficulty has some civilization stumped. So here"s a guide to assist you find it on the map.

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Fortnite Battle Royal players got a totality brand-new carolannpeacock.comllection of challenges previously this week and one of those, “Search between a Pool, Windmill, and also an Umbrella” can have actually a carolannpeacock.comuple of of you stumped.

Understandably though, bereason Epic have themselves labelled the task as 'hard' on the week 2 obstacle list.

But, have to you carolannpeacock.commplete it, you'll earn 10 Battle Stars, so it's certainly worth doing it whilst you still have the right to.

For anyone that missed the news, the week 2 difficulties are as followed:

• Use a Launchpad: 5 Battle Stars• Deal damages through Assault Rifles to opponents: 5 Battle Stars• Search chests in Wailing Woods: 5 Battle Stars• Dance in various forbidden locations: 5 Battle Stars• Search between a Pool, Windmill and also an Umbrella (hard): 10 Battle Stars• SMG Elimicarolannpeacock.comuntries (hard): 10 Battle Stars• Eliminate enemies in Greasy Grove (hard): 10 Battle Stars

Most of the over are pretty easy to attain. Especially when it carolannpeacock.comncerns nopoint more than downing some enemies with a specific weapon or in a specific location.

So, for currently, we're just going to focus on the Pool, Windmill and Umbrellan obstacle.


(Image: EPIC)

In spite of the challenge, you'll more than likely be kicking yourself as soon as you realise exactly how easy and also straightforward it is once we tell you.

You'll have to head in the direction of the west side of Anarchy Acres in the north of the map. It's south-eastern from the Motel.

The area you're aiming for is in the bottom fifty percent of the E2 square on the map. Included in the gallery above is a map with the place circcaused make it much easier.

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When you have got to this area you really can't miss it bereason you'll see a Battle Star on peak of a hillheight beside a tree.