Of the three special operations-themed dramas that debuted last year on network TV, only "SEAL Team," starring David Boreanaz, right, will return for a second season. (Studio/network photos)
As the major television networks officially reveal their plans for the coming fall season, it’s become clear that only one of the three military-themed series that debuted in 2017 will live to see a second year.

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Per multiple media reports, NBC has officially spiked “The Brave” after 13 episodes, and The CW won’t bring back “Valor,” which lasted the same number of shows.

That leaves “SEAL Team,” the CBS drama starring David Boreanaz, as the only freshman military-themed show to last into its second season. CBS announced the show’s renewal in March; it was the network’s most-watched new drama, per a news release.


Small-screen spec ops: A look at 3 military-themed dramas on network TV this fallProducers, advisers on what makes "The Brave," "Valor" and "SEAL Team" tick.
Neither “The Brave” nor “Valor” posted similar ratings success, and both rated below 40 percent at critic aggregator RottenTomatoes.com. “The Brave” featured members of a special operations unit run by an intelligence agency, while “Valor” showcased the service of pilots in a fictional Army special operations aviation regiment.

The renewal extends the sea service’s dominance of network television, thanks primarily to “NCIS,” which will enter its 16th season this fall. Spin-offs sent in Los Angeles and New Orleans also were renewed for 2018-2019.


Stars of "SEAL Team" will have another season to save the world, while fellow fictional special operators on other networks are heading home. (Skip Bolen/CBS)

It also appears a former Navy SEAL will rejoin the network’s lineup in 2018: CBS reportedly will reboot “Magnum P.I.” this fall, and the title character (played by Jay Hernandez, stepping in for Tom Selleck) again will be an experienced Navy special operator-turned private investigator. No word on whether the rebooted Magnum will have played quarterback for the Naval Academy.

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Can’t wait until fall for your fictional special operations fix? The second season of “Six,” a History channel drama that will track a SEAL team’s battle against the terrorist group responsible for shooting their former leader (played by Walton Goggins), debuts May 28.


'Six' captures SEAL team in the field, at home ... and on the huntThe special operations drama premieres Wednesday on the History Channel.