Picture this: You’re making notes because that your next exam from her Android phone and it keeps turning off every now and then. If you a worker, snapshot you are making entries from her Android maker to your lap and again, every 30 seconds or so, the display goes off.

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Annoying, right? I’m certain you are below to uncover a deal with to this problem and also worry not, I’ve obtained you extended with some quick workable fixes to prevent such Android screen timeouts.

After scanning with the community forums, I discovered that this trouble is a usual occurrence in Samsung devices. Yet I’ve spanned both Samsung and other Android phones in this how-to.

Read on!


3 Easy ways To Add picture Widgets on Android residence Screen

Why go Android screen timeout save resetting?

Before we get to the source of the problem, it’s essential to recognize that such display screen timeouts occur because of the mechanism timeout settings. More on this later!

Screen timeout essentially method the time approximately which your Android call will continue to be on until it sleeps or turns off once it is idle. The default screen timeout different from machine to maker but is normally 30 seconds. This setting can be changed and friend can collection the timeout time anywhere between 30 seconds and also 10 minutes, and also at times, never. 

Note that the Android screen instantly turns turn off after the collection time duration to conserve battery as soon as the phone is left idle. No issue what friend do throughout that time, the setup ensures that the display screen goes off after the time set.

But above this, there’s one more feature i m sorry resets the screen timeout come 30 seconds despite the time you currently set. When you disable that feature, you’ll have absolutely no trouble with random display timeout resets.

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Here’s a fast fix come the problem!

Quick settle to protect against Android display timeout indigenous resetting


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