One of the many iconic female roles in film background is Scarlett O’Hara native Gone with the Wind adapted from Margaret Mitchell’s 1936 novel. While in the novel, Scarlett was said to not have actually possessed standard beauty, she actress Vivien Leigh to be nothing but. She illustrated vain and also cold Scarlett phenomenally.

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Scarlett is recognized to it is in the perfect gentlewoman, and also her fashion layout was constantly on-point. As such, she most recognized outfit is an extremely ‘Southern belle.’ it is written of a white layered dress with a green sash top top the waist and also a white floppy hat on her head. Here’s every little thing you have to look favor Scarlett O’Hara.

How to make Scarlett O’Hara Costume

1 White Off-Shoulder, Layered DressAs the key piece of your outfit, undertake a white off-shoulder, layered dress for that southerly belle look.
2Emerald green Ribbon Belt Scarlett is recognized for her emerald environment-friendly outfits so nothing forget the green sash roughly the waist.
3 White Floppy HatKeep your face safe from the sun with a white, floppy hat.
4 black ChokerAccessorize v a an easy black choker.
5 WigNo time to solve your hair? wear a wig.
6 children Costume SetTransform your little girl into Scarlett O’Hara v this costume set.
7 environment-friendly Costume SetNeed a much less conventional Scarlett O’Hara choice? acquire this costume set.
8 Costume SetNo need to DIY once you have actually this costume set.

About Scarlett O’Hara

Scarlett O’Hara was illustrated by Vivien Leigh.

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