Well, after posting yesterday around Savannah"s son, Rowan, gift taken far by his father, Stone, some points were carried to my attention about the situation that really made me reconsider the whole thing.

if I recognize that every story has three sides, this one has actually so numerous twists and also turns that it"s making mine head spin.

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For those the you that missed the early post, usually Savannah"s ex-boyfriend, Stone, took their son, Rowan, and also is keeping him.

since Savannah and stone did not have actually a custody case legally agreed on, stone has every right to take his son for yet long that wants, and due to this, Savannah missed Valentine"s Day with Rowan and also will most likely miss his fist date of birth on February 27th.

Initially, Savannah declared that the thinking for stone to take it Rowan was due to the fact that he was jealousy of the truth that Savannah has moved on and also is currently dating a man named Malcolm.

Malcolm and also Savannah to be together during the record up special, and also he has a child of his own.

Stone stooped nice low and also has been throwing racial slurs in ~ Malcolm, making use of "the N word" frequently and also bashing him due to his race.

Malcolm clear wasn"t as well happy around this, and took to facebook yesterday in the midst of every one of this drama come share his opinion.


But the seems favor there"s yet another side come this story.

One person that to be commenting ~ above the exact same status to be allegedly a relative of Stone"s, and his accusations were pretty intense as well. Here"s a snippit the what this guy wrote:


Well, that"s absolutely a next of Savannah that us didn"t see on MTV, and that hasn"t been depicted on society media.

We"ve looked into more details of this situation and reached out to the initial poster for more comment, yet haven"t heard anything ago yet.

After posting the write-up yesterday, we additionally had a pair of world come forward with more information about Savannah"s present living situation. She is allegedly living v Malcom, and also it seems like this guy might not be great news.

Malcolm reportedly is right into drugs, and people have asserted that evaluate from his Instagram pictures, he"s likely dealing them as well.

We additionally heard a report that the house they stayed in was shot at recently, which likely led human being to believe that there were drugs involved.


While every one of this is merely information given to us by sources close to the couple, that does do you think about what the fact of this situation is and also whether or not rock was truly acting selfishly or if that was acting to safeguard his boy from the life situation.

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These two are still meant to go to court in a couple of weeks, but an official court date hasn"t to be announced at this time. We"ll be sure to keep you posted when an ext information pops up.