The actor has been romantically linked to various individuals, yet has never shown a relationship publicly.

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Following her Academy Award-nominated duties in movies such as Little Women, Lady Bird, Brooklyn, and Atonement, Saoirse Ronan has gone top top to come to be one the the brightest stars in Hollywood. Yet aside from she onscreen talents, what else is over there to know about the Irish-American actor? and also who is Saoirse Ronan dating?

Well, it appears the BAFTA-nominee prefers to save her personal life far from the spotlight. However, together the Daily mail reports, Ronan was newly romantically connected to her Mary Queen of Scots co-star Jack Lowden, after gift photographed walking hand-in-hand in London previously this year. This wasn’t the an initial time rumours neighboring the pair’s relationship were lugged to the surface, and also during a 2019 interview, Ronan denied the she and also Lowden were much more than simply friends. Once probed around their partnership status, Lowden likewise remained tight-lipped, commenting “I’m not going come talk about that. I don’t favor talking around that side of life.”

In the past, the gold Globe Award-winner has likewise been linked to irish musician Hozier, after being spotted v the singer back in 2017 — and also after appearing in his “Cherry Wine” music video.

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Director Greta Gerwig additionally previously admitted she would love Little Women co-stars Ronan and also Timothee Chalamet to date, informing Vogue: \"Who wouldn\"t want them to date? They\"re so good looking.”

Although Ronan’s love life off-screen continues to be somewhat of a mystery, the actor is collection to portray the romance in between Victorian palaeontologist mary Anning and a younger mrs in the upcoming brother drama, Ammonite.

She will appear in the movie opposite Kate Winslet, and discussing his latest release with Entertainment Weekly, director Francis Lee revealed he hopes Ammonite will aid audiences know “the power of love; the power of a deep, intimate, human relationship; the strength of touch; and hope.”

The romantic flick was formerly selected to debut in ~ this year prestigious Cannes film Festival, the Guardian reports. However, after ~ shelving every physical occasions in light of the coronavirus pandemic, the movie is now expected come be gift at an additional prominent festival later in the calendar year.