In this feature Focus, us take a close look in ~ the use of the S Pen and also show you exactly how it have the right to enhance the method you use your note 3.

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The Galaxy note 3 impresses through its size, but there are plenty of other large phones ~ above the sector that space nowhere virtually as successful. What really makes the note 3 stand the end is the S Pen, the stylus pen that add to a most functionality to the phone, enabling you to really exploit that expansive screen.

You deserve to use the S Pen in countless ways on the keep in mind 3, ranging from strictly organization tasks, such together drafting a table, to fun and games, like pinning a YouTube video to the display screen or doodling a cartoon. But it’s precisely this selection of settings and functions that have the right to make the S Pen a little bit intimidating, especially if you’re a newcomer to the keep in mind series.

In this feature Focus, us take a near look in ~ the usability of the S Pen and also show you just how it deserve to enhance the way you usage your keep in mind 3.

First points first: Settings

To get started, we recommend the you go with the S Pen settings on your keep in mind 3, come configure a slew of connected options.

You can set your phone come detect the removed of the S Pen from its holder and play a sound, open the wait Command menu, or a particular app. If you want to conserve battery life, you have the right to disable S Pen detection altogether.


Another function you can allow is S Pen keeper, which warns you as soon as you walk away without the S Pen, thus sparing girlfriend from a potential headache. Friend can also toggle the tip (similar come a pc cursor) and also the direct pen input option, which allows you input handwritten text throughout the system.

The basics

Now that you’ve configured the S Pen to her liking, the time to dive in.

The stylus is symmetrical and more squarish 보다 the keep in mind 2’s S Pen, so you have the right to insert that in that slot in any type of orientation.

The new S Pen preserves few of the features current on the keep in mind 2, such as S Note. However, yes a huge change appropriate of the bat – gestures room no longer available, and also drawing ~ above the screen with the S Pen switch pressed now lets you “clip” text or media.


Clicking the switch while hovering the S Pen end the display screen opens wait Command, the new palette menu that groups 5 of the most helpful features that the S Pen.


Hovering end some aspects of the user interface triggers a contextual action, such together displaying the materials of a folder or a preview the a gallery.

Finally, hovering over a message box, such together in the messaging app, mirrors the switch for straight Pen Input, which uses the keep in mind 3’s excellent handwriting acknowledgment to turn your chicken scratch right into text. It’s an easy and accurate, and also we think you’ll discover it fairly useful.

Productivity vs. Creative thinking

Two apps that are specifically designed for S Pen use are S Note and also Sketchbook from Autodesk, which come pre-installed top top the keep in mind 3. The revamped S Note lets you jot under your ideas and reminders, yet it’s much more than that. You have the right to soup increase your keep in mind with charts, images, videos, voice memos, or maps, transforming it into a powerful little tool for road warriors.

Sketchbook is because that the moments you want to gain creative. Basically, the a great drawing app that the more talented amongst us will find perfect for art creation on the go.

Air Command

Getting earlier to waiting Command, maybe the biggest enhancement to the S Pen usability on the keep in mind 3, the menu offers you 5 options:

Action Memo – possibly the most valuable option that the menu, it allows you to usage handwritten text in a selection of ways. Scribble under an attend to and you have the right to send it end to the Maps application in one instant; create a phone number, and also there’s an alternative to contact it ideal from activity Memo; URLs, email addresses, contact names, or work work the same way.
Scrapbook – for those moments when you desire to save an item you saw in an online store, or a quote that impressed you, or simply a internet page the you want to conserve for later. Scrapbook is good because it conserves metadata too, prefer the URL of the site you “scraped” the info from.
Screen compose – bring away a screenshot and lets you annotate it.S Finder – a powerful search tool that looks with all your content, consisting of handwritten notes. S Finder likewise has a slew that tags that you deserve to use come narrow down the find results.
Pen home window – somehow similar to Sony’s tiny Apps, Pen home window lets you define an area top top the screen where you can pin one app, favor YT, Hangouts, or a calculator. It’s basically a simple way to multitask, though the app an option is quite limited.
These are several of the most valuable ways you have the right to use the Galaxy keep in mind 3’s S Pen stylus. As you can see because that yourself, the S Pen yes, really adds to the endure of using the note 3, gift much more than a scribbling tool.

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Of course, if friend dislike the stylus, you deserve to simply overlook it and still have a an excellent user endure on the note 3, however we strong recommend that you give the S Pen a try before you decide it’s not your thing.