the loves make jokes and showing us the true depths his dried humor can go, also if it\"s in ~ the cost of his wife, Blake Lively, to whom he\"s to be married since 2012. Much more recently, he\"s discovered a way of make his vaccine announcement hilarious and has shared what it\"s choose raising girls who have actually an obsession v Baby Shark.

but if you need an ext hysterically funny stories around Reynolds, look at no further. What many people might not know about Reynolds is that he has a couple of tattoos. That\"s no the funny part. The funny part is that he regrets gaining them...all of them. Sounds around right for the Green Lantern actor.

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plenty of gibbs make poor decisions when it involves tattoos. Johnny Depp had to remove his \"Winona Forever\" tattoo when he and also Winona Ryder split. The very same for Melanie Griffith, who removed her tattoo the \"Antonio\" as soon as she and Antonio banderas split. Everyone from Angelina Jolie to Megan Fox has obtained tattoos removed.

so it\"s no outrageous to hear Reynolds doesn\"t choose his. Yet why walk he regret his tattoos, and will he obtain them removed?

He has Tattoos on His Wrist, and also Leg

Reynolds only has a couple of tattoos, but that\"s clearly enough because that him. They aren\"t exactly huge and eye-catching either.

He has a tiny cannon top top the external of his left wrist. It pays homage to the corresponding cannon, well-known as nine O’clock Gun, i m sorry is fired every day in ~ 9 p.m. In his hometown of Vancouver, Canada.

on the exact same wrist, alongside the cannon, top top the inside, are the native \"Know Thyself.\" He acquired it so he could remind himself every day that he yes, really is once he\"s not in front of a camera.

Reynolds likewise has a bunch of tattoos ~ above his appropriate leg. We obtained a glimpse of some once he went on vacation through his wife and also their great friend Taylor Swift. As you do.

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some of them are estimates in various fonts and sizes, if others space harder to do out. There room a \"six of hearts\" playing card and a dance-related quote on his calf.

speak of tattoos, Reynolds once had a pretty huge fake tattoo on his chest.

during Reynolds\" surprised appearance in Hobbs & Shaw, his personality Locke reflects the Rock\"s character, Hobbs, that working through him in the past had such a lasting impact on him the he gained a corresponding chest tattoo.

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fans of the rock will understand that his chest tattoo is genuine, and Reynolds fans will understand that his matching one is not. He just had it for the movie, however Reynolds take it time the end of filming to post about it prefer it was real. He post a snapshot of both of castle pulling ago their shirt to reveal the tattoos.

\"I have the right to only imagine just how upset i was to discover this,\" he wrote. To which the rock replied, \"You pull her shirt earlier to disclose our ink and it look at cool & sexy. I pull mine shirt back and that looks favor an indicator that i eat women and also children.\"

Fake tattoos aside, Reynolds has plenty of tattoos, which is amazing considering his views about them.

the Hates all of Them

In an interview v the New Yorker, Reynolds claimed that he no every single tattoo. They space from his younger days, so that\"s type of understandable.

\"I dislike them all,\" that said, prior to looking in ~ the tattoo \"Know Thyself\" and making a joke the it yes, really said, \"Cut here.\"

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part of the reason why he hates them so much, various other than the reality that he thinks they\"re corny, is because it take away three hrs in assembly to cover castle up because that a film. Only one has come in handy; the \"six the hearts\" was left uncovered since it to be relevant to Reynolds\" film Mississippi Grind, a film about gambling.

\"You carry out see one in ‘Mississippi Grind,’ a six of understanding on mine leg, which provides sense because that the role,\" he said. \"Still, I’d acquire them all lasered turn off if it no hours and hours the brutal pain.\"

\"But my wife states I should keep them, keep a record of the choices I’ve made.\" Ouch. Girlfriend live, and also you learn, Reynolds. At the very least the tattoos are concealable. What\"s not concealable is Reynolds\" humor around the situation. He yes, really does have a knack for turning things that hates into jokes. We\"re just glad there\"s no green Lantern tattoo over there somewhere. That would be cheesy.