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Marshawn Lynch was newly on Running Wild via Bear Grylls, and if you haven’t seen the episode, that sentence probably makes you wonder what kind of shenanigans occurred between Beast Mode and also Grylls. Unsurprisingly, seeing Marshawn out of his element — traversing via the Corsican Mountains in France — is a big highlight. Have you ever before checked out Marshawn holding a machete?

Or Marshawn acquiring on a helicopter from a roof?

Due to the fact that those are absolutely things he’s never before knowledgeable till this episode. The premise of Marshawn’s adendeavor was that he and also Grylls had 2 days to get from one suggest in the hills to the various other. Alengthy the method, they had actually to hunt dvery own a wild hog for dinner, for this reason the machete and also a makechange spear Grylls made. Fortunately for them, the hog dropped off a cliff; unfortunately for Marshawn, he had to climb down to obtain it. They were effective, and it gave us a funny talking head from him:

Ultimately, they had actually to cook the hog, and also to execute that they needed fire. Grylls cut off a item of Marshawn’s dreads, which functioned ... to Lynch’s dismay:

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And when it came time to make sanctuary, Marshawn was not feeling Grylls’ plans:

But the many surprising thing about the episode was the truth that Grylls had actually some prodiscovered, heart-to-heart talks with Marshawn, getting to know what motivates him day-to-day, why he reexhausted in the first place and what he’s going to do from currently on.

Marshawn on his social welfare work:

Grylls: "So, if you had actually to say to, choose, a young male in Oakland also that really wants to make it, who wants to be the brand-new Beastern, and also he"s gained the talent, what would certainly you say to him?"

Marshawn: "I"d ask him what his qualities look favor."

G: "Why"s that?"

M: "Due to the fact that the truth is 1 percent actually make it to the NFL, so if there"s something that"s going to happen, that"s going to be your backup arrangement."

G: "Have a backup plan, is what you"re saying."

M: "Exactly. I done played through males that, on the first day in the NFL, have a career-finishing injury. So, I intend, ain"t namong it promised. But I tell you, I had a backup setup, until that dream became a truth."

G: "What was the backup plan?"

M: "My degree. Social welfare -- basically what I"m doing right now through my foundation."

G: "What does that do?"

M: "We"re about empowering underprivileged youth in the inner city. Our biggest point is we acquired babies killing babies from wbelow I"m from best currently. We gain with to that one boy, that knows where he end up? We carry out a lot for them -- financial, literacy -- we offer scholarships."

G: "Well, they need to -- they will all so feel very proud as soon as they check out you go with some of the battles you went with this day, you know? They will, bereason it"s the exact same lessons, isn"t it, you know? Keep going once it hurts. Just save going. Dig deep."

Marshawn on why he left football:

G: "What execute you uncover the hardest, the legs?"

M: "The psychological."

G: "Was that your suffer too through football, is that the psychological side"s always tougher?"

M: "Uh, yeah. I suppose, yeah, as soon as it acquire down to that fourth quarter stretch, it acquire actual. Especially, you recognize, I been doing this given that I was, what, 12, 13 years old? It starts to add up. Wear and tear."

G: "Where was the wear and tear?"

M: "Full body. And mentally. Having to wake yourself approximately go and put in all the job-related that it"s going to take. You understand, the physical, the mental. The media start to wear -- all of it. It simply all come together."

G: "Yeah, the media is constantly, you know, hounding you and wanting interviews."


G: "How did you address that? "Causage you constantly provided to shelp, "Nuh-uh.""

M: "I feel I tackled it the correct means. Proper method for me."

G: "So, if you had it your way, you wouldn"t execute any kind of."

M: "Nah, I wouldn"t. I would certainly simply play sphere. If I had actually it my method. But, hey."

G: "So, if you look ago on every one of your career, what, for you, was choose the highlight?"

M: "Being able to retire. And then being able to carry out this via you after retiring."

G: "Yeah?"

M: "Yeah, guy. Many people do not obtain to walk out or obtain to go out the way that I did, so I mean, you recognize, that"s ... that"s most likely the biggest highlight."

G: "And you reexhausted appropriate at your peak?"

M: "Yeah, some would certainly say."

G: "What encouraged that?"

M: "What encouraged it?"

G: "Yeah."

M: "When it"s time, it"s time."

G: "Well, you knew?"

M: "You know it."

G: "And carry out you think there"s any type of component of the game that a little component of you will certainly miss?"

M: "Yeah, I"m sure I"m gonna miss out on it, yet to the suggest wbelow I"mma go back? Nah. I"mma be alideal."

At some point, Marshawn and also Grylls survived their expedition, with some assist from the French Foregime Legion, and also Marshawn obtained to ride in the ago of their car.

But choose the cliché always goes, it was around the journey and also not the destination, and Marshawn gave us plenty to think about through his episode. You deserve to watch the complete episode on NBC’s website appropriate currently.