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Oriental dimension conversion

Oriental sizes tend to run a bit smaller than European or US sizes. As a ascendancy of thumb we’re saying to pick 1-2 sizes bigger than you would certainly generally wear. Though, we extremely recommend checking the size chart, because eincredibly product has actually its own unique size chart.

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Quick tips

Before measuring it is essential to recognize just how you desire the item to fit and what form of clothing it is.

Is the item oversized? Is it fitting? Maybe the item is fitting however you desire to wear it oversized. Take all these factors right into consideration.

It is advantageous to meacertain a comparable item from your wardrobe and compare it through the dimensions of the interested product. That way you deserve to much better imagine just how the item will fit.

For example, meacertain the size of your favorite dress and also compare it with the product dimension. Do you like how short or long it is compared to the one you own?

If you are in in between two sizes we usually recommfinish obtaining the bigger dimension.

Going for a bigger size offers you the alternative to change it as necessary and takes the hazard away that you will not fit in the dress at all.

How to gain your body measurements


Meacertain under your armpits, around your shoulder chisels, and over the fullest component of your bust. Don’t pull the tape meacertain as well difficult.

Chest circumference

Measure under your armpits, roughly your shoulder knives and also best listed below your breast.


Meacertain approximately your natural waistline. This is the narrowhead component of your waist, around an inch (2.54 cm) over your navel. Relax and also breath out prior to you measure.


The hip should be measured approximately its fullest component. This is around 8 inch (20.32 cm) below your waist.

Shoulder Width

This measurement is taken from one finish of the shoulders to the various other. If you’re measuring your friend, have actually him look forward through peaceful shoulders in a natural stance. Start measuring from one finish of the shoulder (at the shoulder seam of shirt) to the various other end or seam of the shirt.

Sleeve Length (=arm length)

Hold the tape meacertain utilizing your fingers at the bottom of your wrist, bend your arm so that you have actually your hand also on your hip, and then take the tape meacertain up over your bent elbow and also up the remainder of your arm to the bone at the peak of your arm.

Leg opening

Grab your favorite pair of pants and also lay the bottom cuff flat. Run a tape meacertain along the cuff. Take that measurement and also double (x2).

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Wrap the tape about the thickest component of your thigh. Stand also with your legs directly. Find the thickest part of your thigh. This is your upper thigh, ideal under the buttocks.