If a game has one human being in it, and also that person isn’t your friend, you can’t see that they room in it uneven it is your game. If the isn’t her game, the only option you have actually of joining the game is to press play, and in many cases that will put you in a brand brand-new server the the other human being is no in. If the other person isn’t the owner the the game then the is precise not possible for you come play together unless you end up being friends. In reality you can still go to their profile and follow them if they enable that, but that is terribly inconvenient.

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Take Eclipsis, for example. Https://www.carolannpeacock.com.com/games/632574862/Eclipsis I like this game. The does no have plenty of players, though, and also I carry out not have any friends in it. I want to sign up with the server that has actually the most people in it. I can’t carry out that now.

ParallelPoptart (ParallelPoptart) July 13, 2017, 8:36pm #2


Billy_Dodo (Billy_Dodo) July 13, 2017, 8:49pm #3

This update is negative for clans

The removed of reflecting servers her friends no in is also affecting human being in the clan world and for other cases too.

Server hopping:

In clan raids, a “tactic” known as server dance is provided where raiders will relocate to a small/new server and start a raid over there (in instance original server was unsuccessful, etc). However, as result of carolannpeacock.com’s newest upgrade to server display, every raid members MUST it is in friends with each other or with the world in the brand-new server in bespeak to join it. This is an extremely unlikely and thus server hopping will certainly no longer have the ability to be used. This tactic is provided heavily throughout the clan world for raiding and also not being able to use it anymore will certainly prove really annoying for clan members.


In clans, members are expected to pend because that the server wherein a raid is ensuing as a kind of “reinforcements” because that defenders/raiders if server room opens up. Together from personal experience, the penders might not constantly be friended v those human being in the server. As a result they will not be able to see the server and cannot pend/help which would certainly be a difficulty for clans.

Furthermore, what I want to enter a specific server to meet a certain person (who isn’t friended) to play/talk come them? I would certainly no longer have the ability to do that.

I do recognize that most of these problems are mostly simply for clans or for little games and they are fairly niche difficulties anyway. However do no forget the clans space still a huge part the carolannpeacock.com and also this update is only hindering warclan’s activities rather than improving them.

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Don’t get me wrong, I perform like this brand-new update and I execute think its better than prior to where seeing masses of servers (on front web page games) to be pretty lot pointless. Personally, i think that the capability to watch servers the friends room not in must be added back alongside v the existing feature. How this is done, I’m no sure; ns guess you could show castle both next by side or something. But all what warclans and I want, is having access to the old display screen of servers as well as the new.

Edit: https://forum.carolannpeacock.com.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=221229072 A forum object with lots of support for the old screen of servers. Shows how unpopular this update has been!