Robin Harris, a comedian and also actor who appeared in the movie "Do the appropriate Thing," "Harlem Nights" and also "House Party," was discovered dead in a hotel room Sunday, public representative said. He to be 36.

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Harris gave a comedy present Saturday night in ~ the Regal Theater and apparently passed away in his sleep at the 4 Seasons Hotel, claimed Ardenia Brown that Jam Productions Ltd., promoter that the show.

He was found by his mother, that accompanied the here, and an autopsy to be scheduled, the clinical examiner"s office said.

Harris play the function of Sweet dick Willie, a middle-aged black male who hung out on a street corner in Spike Lee"s 1989 film, "Do the ideal Thing."

Harris had recently filmed one HBO comedy unique at Chicago"s Vic theatre and also appears in Lee"s upcoming film, "Love Supreme," Brown said.



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Adriane D. Roman inn was arrested Wednesday afternoon ~ officials recovered 1.5 kilograms of cocaine indigenous his house in the 100 block the Hawthorne Avenue, deputies said. 


"It"s a disastrous distraction from the race," Hamburg city supervisor candidate Randy Hoak said. "It"s desperate. I believe it"s toxic for Hamburg."

The Buffalo city Renewal firm has additionally sold property or vested exclusive advancement rights to campaign contributors without public bidding, though the Brown management says project cash has nothing to execute with getting city contracts.

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"As Buffalo voters begin to head come the polls this weekend, i urge lock to cast their ballot because that India Walton together the next mayor that Buffalo," Senate bulk Leader Charles Schumer said.