Beat every difficulty available in rise of the dig Raider with our complete guide

You can finish this challenge while escaping from the jail area (though girlfriend can absolutely revisit if you require to), and also the mass of the laptops are found in the large courtyard wherein you"re tasked through opening the gate. The very first is positioned on a crate by the gate itself.

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Laptop #2

This is discovered when battling v the Trinity soldiers. Prior to you drop right into the hole in the floor in the shed, watch to her right.

Laptop #8

The next laptop is uncovered just past the gate at the Gulag camp, inside a shack. You can want come wait until after the shootout to gain it.

There"s one more laptop in the shack throughout the method - you may even destroy it accidentally, by pulling down the roof v your brand-new rope arrows.

Laptop #10

The last laptop is in the structure with the dead soldiers.

Soviet installation - distinction of Opinion

Burn 7 posters.

Poster #1

This an obstacle cannot be completed till you gain Fire Arrows, however Molotov cocktails can do most of the job. Poster #1 is within a huge building through the trains. Together you rise to the top area, look for a rope arrow door you deserve to open. The poster hangs ~ above a wall on the various other side.

Poster #2

Right after you learn to craft Molotovs, look come the corner of the area for a flammable obstacle atop a platform. Burn v this to reach the poster on the other side.

Poster #3

When you reach the room through chutes, look for a rope arrowhead door you have the right to yank open. Slide under the chute and take a leap in ~ the end to climb onto the top floor that a building you couldn"t reach before. The poster is increase here.

Poster #4

Back in the chute room, walk the end onto the fenced-in deck and turn around to clues this above the entryway.

Poster #5

As you near the final section that the mill, keep an eye the end for this poster hanging indigenous a window.

Poster #6

From Poster #5, climb back down the vault ladder and leap throughout to the ledge pictured above. The poster hangs ~ above the wall of that deck.

Poster #7

You deserve to burn the final poster throughout the top-of-the-mill firefight. Look for it ~ above a walkway right after girlfriend crawl into the final room.

Soviet installation - right into Darkness

Explore 5 caves.

There"s no single means to end up this challenge, together there room 6 total caves in the area, and also you only require to enter 5 the them. These are significant on the map above, so check out at her leisure.

Soviet environment - record the Flag

Cut under 7 Soviet flags.

Flag #1

You can finish this an obstacle once you acquire the Combat Knife. The very first flag is right alongside the Logging Camp.

Flag #2


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