After 5 months the teasing, The walking Dead ultimately pulled the create (so to speak) in the Season 7 premiere. We now understand who died a gruesome death at the company end the Negan’s bat. Yet was it worth all the runaround? We’ll discover after the spoiler warning.

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It’s for sure to say the The wade Dead cliffhanger last season to be unpopular through fans. The virtual backlash to be so swift and also so harsh that, as Variety report from an analysis by Canvs:

According to the company, i beg your pardon analyzes the emotional contents ofsocial-media messages, much more than 70% of every reactions top top Twitterduring the closing moment of the episode expressed feelings together as“crazy,” “dislike,” “hate” and “upset.” “Love” accounted because that only15.2% of every reactions, “good” for only 6.4%.

Even star Andrew Lincoln admitted the the finale was supposed to do the audience feeling “angry,” “sick,” ”nauseous,” and also “frustrated.” however in the confront of all the backlash, The walking Dead stars and creatives promised the the payoff in the Season 7 premiere would certainly be worth all the secrecy and narrative knots. Showrunner Scott Gimple said at the time:

I ask human being to provide us the benefit of the doubt that it’s all part ofa plan, all part of a story. Ns truly expect that human being see and they feeling it justifies the means we’ve chose to tellthe story. The is the way it is in ours minds. I know what is and I feel that it delivers on what to adjust up.

But what, in fact, walk the premiere deliver? valley died almost exactly together he go in the comics. In various other words, the present sent us through one fake-out dumpster fatality last season and also one huge cliff-hanger over the summer just come add more tension to—well, exactly what fans expected would happen all along

On top of that, the show added one much more fake-out: Abraham Ford. After see him die, part audiences, not understanding there would certainly be two deaths this episode, may have thought Glenn to be safe. Yet Ford is also dead at this suggest in the comics. So it’s a tiny unclear what Gimple intended last year as soon as he promised part “hard left turns” from Glenn’s comic publication story. Perhaps those turns room yet come come?

Ratcheting the stress and anxiety up as high together it could, the premiere waited 20 minutes right into its run time prior to going to city on Abraham and Glenn. If you deserve to say anything around this cliff-hanger payoff, it’s that it’s one of the many brutal things that has ever aired top top cable television. Though together comic pan know, Glenn’s brutal death, at least, came directly from the books.

So, was it worth it? All that wait because that the present to kill off one not-that-popular character (sorry, Abraham) and also one very popular character anyone assumed they would (R.I.P., Glenn)? That counts on her metric the worth. Lauren Cohan definitely sold the hell out of Maggie’s grief. (This is, what, he third significant devastation?) and also while fans may be frustrated, yet as comics creator Robert Kirkman admitted in a letter end the summer, “We did want you to talk. And talk girlfriend are. . . . The TWD team wanted to carry out something cool. We want to perform something different and we did that to change things increase . . . And also keep this display in her mind.” So full marks for gaining the conversation started, Walking Dead. Currently let’s see exactly how you sustain it.




SEASON 1: The an initial time we’re presented to a cheeky good-natured pizza delivery boy named Glenn (and his beloved baseball cap), the goes out of his means to riskily save Rick, that gets himself stuck in a military tank surrounding by walkers. His rescue proves successful yet leads come Glenn and his group being helplessly surrounding by an unlimited horde of walkers after your gunshots become the closest point to a dinner bell because that these angelic little flesh-eaters. The only when Rick creates a makeshift camouflage of pedestrian guts that they do it the end alive.

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