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After girlfriend escape native the Tyrant and also take the elevator down, you’ll view a cutscene. You new goal is to discover Sherry — conveniently, she in the same ar that Ada broke down in Leon’s campaign. Let’s go rescue her.

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We’re walk to condensation the whole Sewers right into one walkthrough here. The long, but the second run v Claire is basically the same to her previous run v Leon.

The Office

In the room whereby you gain back control, choose up the Submachine pistol Ammo on the crate. Open up the nearby door and also head into the Office.

Read the Report: about “G” document by the whiteboard. Yes a Typewriter and an Item Box here, too. Seize the High-Powered ring — this is ammo for an upgraded SLS 60 so you can’t use it fairly yet — on the workdesk in the east side of the room.

Lower Waterway

Head back out onto the steel walkway and also jump under on the appropriate side. Monitor the sewage system to the end and also drop down into the Lower Waterway — you most likely recognize whereby you are now. Rotate left and also follow along to the Workroom elevator door (that friend can’t open yet). Choose up the Blue Herb and drop ago into the water.

Keep following along and also collect the High-Grade dynamite (White) sitting on a heap of sludge on her left right before the closeup of the door gate.

Continue along, then climb the end of the muck ~ above the left. Monitor the hall and also open the door in ~ the finish of the hallway.

Control Room

Climb the stairs and also ladder with the Cable vehicle Platform and also head right into the Control Room. There space three zombie in here, and they tend to gang up top top you. Usage your SMG to take out their legs to do them much much more manageable.

There’s a Copy that Emails to Umbrella HQ document on a table. Choose up the Flame rounds on a chair versus the wall. The Dial Lock ~ above the locker is tho the same, so go into SZF come grab some Submachine pistol Ammo.

Jump down with the hole in the corner twice, and watch the cutscene.

Monitor Room

Capcom via yes sir a Typewriter and an Item Box in this room. Execute a loop to collection the following:

Large-caliber Handgun Ammo on a chair follow me the north wall surface Sewers agency Pamphlet Sewers Map on the south wall by the door

In the U-Area, take the Unlocking the U-Area Door note. You’ll additionally find that the reservation is different this time:

The rook’s alongside the knight yet not dealing with the queen. The king ain’t alongside the queen, however facing the knight, best at the end, and the article ain’t wherein the situation marking says.

Leave the pieces for currently — we’ll resolve rearranging them when we acquire back. Equip her SLS 60 if you don’t have it top top you.

Treatment swimming pool Room

Capcom via Head with the door and pull the switch to reduced the bridge.

Cross it, and turn left. Follow the walkway and also pick increase the Red Herb, T-Bar Valve Handle, and Delivery Receipt (the code on the safe is the same).

Head back to the bridge and also go right this time. Take out the slumped zombie, climate grab the Blue Herb.

Open the safe v the combination written on the next — Left 2, Right 12, Left 8 — because that a Reinforced framework (SLS 60). Combine that v the gun, and you deserve to fire those special high-powered rounds.

Treatment pool Room

Back top top the southerly side of the room, departure through the door through the departure sign over it.

Capcom via Head slowly down the stairs while aiming her gun. Death the 2 zombies waiting for girlfriend below.

Collect the Green Herb along the best wall.

Pull the lever along the right wall surface to open up the gate and create a path to the lower Waterway, wherein you came in.

Jump down right into the sewage and head left come grab the Hand Grenade sitting follow me the left edge.

Head through the gate and sprint follow me the sewer. A G-Adult will pop out of the pipeline on her right. Stick come the left and also sprint past, climate jump increase onto the ledge. Usage the T-Bar Valve Handle to open the door.

Workroom Lift

Pick up the High-Powered ring sitting on a barrel to your left. Take it the elevator up.


Capcom via The zombie lie on the floor is simply playing dead. This is a great opportunity to usage your SLS 60 and its High-Powered ring to shoot that in the head.

Loop roughly the Workroom to collect:

Roll film (Hiding Place) on the table in the center of the room. You’ll need this to gain those extra toys in the Police Station even if you already know whereby they are.Hip Pouch in ~ the north of the roomLarge-caliber Handgun Ammo at the south of the room

Unlock the door and also head the end onto the catwalk overlooking the reduced Waterway.

Workroom Hallway

Kill the enemies gathered there. Girlfriend can eliminate each the the four zombies through a single headshot from your SLS 60 using High-Powered Rounds.

Follow the walkway come the right and head under the stairs.

Upper Waterway

Collect the U.S.S. Digital video clip Cassette indigenous the unique ops soldier’s corpse at the bottom the the staircase.

Drop right into the sewage and head left. One more G-Adult will pop up here.

shoot the glow orange component on the ideal Capcom via when you hit the Y-intersection, turn appropriate to walk grab part High-Powered Rounds. Rotate around and head back to the main waterway to keep heading west.

Duck into the dead finish on your left. Top top a pile of garbage at the southern end, you’ll find some Large-caliber Handgun Ammo.

Back at the end of the top Waterway, and also use the T-Bar Valve Handle to open up a path earlier to the lower Waterway.

Back to the reduced Waterway

Take the stair down. You deserve to skip the Sewers an essential for now — we’ll grab that on the means back.

Capcom via monitor the walkway around, and use the T-Bar Valve handle once again to develop a shortcut ago toward the screen Room. You should be able to drop the T-Bar Valve manage at this point.

Bottom Waterway

Climb down the surrounding ladder, and also collect the Green Herb beside the corpse.

Climb up onto dry land, and also then back down into an ext sewage.

You’ll have to fight three an ext G-Adults and also one vanilla zombie along the means to the Supplies warehouse Room.

Capcom via Hug the left wall and head right into the very first alcove, wherein you’ll uncover Submachine gun Ammo ~ above a ledge against the wall.

Take the door in ~ the western end of the room.

Supplies storage Room

Capcom via Head up the stairs, and also stop. Revolve to your left, and also shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy ~ above the soil (if girlfriend didn’t gain it as Leon).

Walk with the door into the following room, collecting the Red Herb ~ above the shelf to your right. Walk under a 2nd set that stairs and search the area because that a Blue Herb sit in a cardboard box.

In this room, you’ll uncover Plug Sockets for the Queen Plug and also the King Plug. In one, you can collect the Queen Plug. There’s likewise a Locked Door.

Here’s just how to deal with the puzzle:

Take the Queen Plug native the Plug Socket that in (which will certainly close the door). Placed the Queen Plug right into the various other Queen Plug Socket (which will open up a door). Address the zombies in the area. One or much more might spring to life. If girlfriend don’t kill them, one deserve to grab you in ~ the finish of the following step. Far better to simply take care of castle now. Walk increase the stairs, and also collect the King Plug native the socket. Jump down into the room below. Put the King Plug right into the socket near the staircase, and enter the room to collection the Spark Shot.

Now you must leave with both plugs, so:

Unlock the door in the room wherein you got the Spark Shot. (That create a route to the stars that you’ll take out, however you’re no done yet.) eliminate the King Plug. (That’ll near the door.) remove the Queen Plug. (That’ll nearby the door.) placed the Queen plugin its other socket to develop a course to the stairs that get you out of here. Placed the King Plug at the basic of the very first staircase friend descended once you acquired into this room. Remove the Queen Plug.Exit through the door whereby you put the King Plug. Eliminate the King Plug.

Now that you’ve got both in your inventory, you can head back.

Backtrack to the ladder, yet beware: yes sir one more G-Adult right before the ladder.

Make sure you grab the Sewer Key in ~ the optimal of the ladder.

Water Injection Chamber

Turn appropriate at the top of the ladder and loop roughly through the door you opened earlier. Take the stairs approximately the Y-shaped room, then head through the gate back to the Workroom Lift. Take it the lift up and continue with the Workroom. Take it the left at the Rook Plug bridge.

Capcom via use the Sewers Key on the northern door to go into the Water Injection Chamber. Choose up the Gunpowder (Large) and the High-Grade shooting powder (White) ~ above the table inside.

Now head the end of the room to the other locked door. Choose up the Rook Plug follow me the way.

Workers’ rest Room

Use the crucial to enter the room. (You can discard the vital now.)

Capcom via Collect:

Gunpowder top top the desk in the middle of the roomLarge-caliber Handgun Ammo in a lockerThe Raccoon City Jazz Festival Flyer ~ above the desk in the center of the room (for the control Room locker combination, which we currently had you open up above).

Interact through the filing cabinet spanned in yellow tape to move it and reveal an entrance to one elevator (or lift, if girlfriend prefer).

Take the background up, and collect the High-Powered Rounds sit on a white paint can in the room.

Take the stairway up, and unlock the door.

Underground Stairs

This is the area where you first entered — the bottom that the staircase. The Special weapons Case is here. (Use the STARS Badge with the USB crucial retracted if you didn’t gain it earlier.) continue up come the mystery Room.

At this point, you have the right to make your means through the West Office back to the Darkroom to construct the Roll Film: “Hiding Place” (Key Item) the you picked up earlier. You’ll gain two pictures.

Capcom via
Take the stairway right outside up to the second floor then loop through the shower Room about to the STARS Office.

STARS Office

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Capcom via

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Open the drawer in in a table to the left the the podium through the microphones to gain some Needle Cartridges.

Back come the monitor Room

Head earlier to the key Hall and also down to the secret Room. Take it the 2 elevators all the means back under to the Workers’ break Room.

Take a left when you departure the Workers’ rest Room, and also go down the stairs. Monitor the upper Waterway to the end. Go down the stairs, climate loop roughly to the right and head ago up to the Y-shaped room.

Go up the stairs and also cross the bridge earlier to the monitor Room.

Monitor Room

OK, we’re earlier in the monitor Room through all the Plugs girlfriend need.

Here’s the reservation again:

The rook’s beside the knight however not encountering the queen. The king ain’t alongside the queen, however facing the knight, ideal at the end, and also the article ain’t wherein the instance marking says.

Facing the bulletin board and also desk, place the plugs in the new order.

On her left, native left to right, ar the plugs: Queen, Bishop, King (in the case significant Knight).

On her right, native left come right, ar the plugs: Knight, Rook, Pawn.

Resident angry 2 sewer chess puzzle sloution Capcom via


Head under the stairs and also pick up the Blue Herb. The door top top your ideal is locked, for this reason head in opposing direction and pick increase the Green Herb in front of you.

Pull the Garbage collection Room lever next to the doors labeling WASTE DISPOSAL, and also you’ll learn that the power’s out. Head v the other door.

Main power Room

Pick up the Red Herb top top the ground. Connect with the Switchboard. (You can integrate the 3 herbs you just picked up to create a mixed Herb the buffs your health temporarily, which is really handy for fighting G.)

The idea is to get the strength up right into the red. Our solution was to flip switches 2, 3, and also 4 from left to right, yet your game might be different.

G will certainly return together G (Stage 2). Run roughly the room doing your best to avoid his huge hand and also the fire.

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Proposed Water Purification Room – G (Stage 2) ceo fight

In the area, you’ll find Large-caliber Handgun Ammo, a Combat Knife, a Flash Grenade, and also Submachine pistol Ammo.

Capcom via here’s what you need to do:

Interact through the control panel to relocate the crane turn off the platform you’re on. Avoid, shoot, or litter a grenade at G (Stage 2) come knock him under at around the center of the platform you’re on. Interact with the control panel to return the crane. Wait because that the crane hit him.

It’s straightforward conceptually. It’s annoying practically.

You have the right to use the flash Grenade to reason G (Stage 2) to stutter. Or you have the right to fire with the SMG indiscriminately. Girlfriend don’t have to shoot his eye. Hell go down eventually.

Just make certain don’t shoot him until the crane is docked far from wherein you’re standing. You desire to shoot him, stagger him, and also immediately bring the crane ago to hit him.

Do that twice, and you win.

Do a loop approximately the area come collect every little thing that you haven’t.

Find Sherry

Use the wreckage to cross turn off of the platform and climb the stairs earlier up toward the Garbage Room. Litter the move to uncover Sherry, then watch the cutscene.

Objective: Head come the Lab

Carry Sherry come the Cable Car. Go with the screen Room and also out onto the bridge. Take a left and also head end to where you got the T-Bar Valve manage earlier. Plank the cable car, then pull the lever.