Google Authorized fix on Pixel Smartphones

If it’s no authorized, it’s no fixed.

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We usage OEM parts, tools, training, and equipment noted by Google. Obtain your machine back rapid with Same-Day Turnaround. Every repairs backed by a 90-Day Warranty. discover Your Repair options


ns went to numerous shops prior to None of them can repair my phone. I choose that they have actually the capability to diagnose. They it seems ~ to have the volume to actually diagnose and fix the trouble quickly!!!


as soon as I very first brought in my device the employee member called me it would take about a mainly to acquire the battery. Two weeks later, I had to speak to to find out it still wasn't there, yet that day's mail hadn't come yet so it...


also though mine phone might not be fixed, you were kind enough to take a good look at it and advise me. Thanks!

Dropped my phone in the water and also did whatever wrong, rice, turned that on, what a mess. Take it it come and also they were able to settle it. Saving me from having actually to purchase a new phone.

Your techs tried really hard come diagnose and also fix my phone. It's not your fault the they encountered a problem (bad mom board) that was not worth repair. I do appreciate the effort.

Service completed gradually promised with estimated price. This is the second time I've supplied you, and I've recommended you come friends.

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The organization was great, if no a little bit pricey. The only thing that didn't sit well v me to be the smell of the store. There to be some sort of aroma device being used and also it was entirely overpowering. A very strong, synt...

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