Ownership have the right to be regarded in many kind of different ways. Some think of ownership as a poor point, while others think of it as a great thing. Before someone can establish their ideas on what is excellent and also poor, the true definition of what they are being ased need to be interpreted. This controversial question of whether ownership is positive or negative brings up a more crucial question, “What does it mean to own something?”. Ownership is characterized regarding have actually possession of somepoint.

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I believe ownership and also feeling of self are included together. I think they go hand in hand also through each various other simply because one can own even more than just a physical object, however and also principles, thoughts, abilities, and understanding.

Just as the famous twentieth-century philosopher, Jean-Paul Sarte, I as well believe that ownership exhas a tendency much farther than tangible objects, however to intangible things too. Such intangible points encompass, thoughts and also ideas. Only you can think of an original concept or thought.


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Nobody deserve to put it right into your head. No one have the right to hear your thoughts besides yourself, which make them yours. This feeling of ownership extends physical objects, and also involves self ownership. One’s self ownership likewise provides a sense of identity. The thoughts and ideas one “owns”, defines them and also is their feeling of self. Not only does the ownership of thoughts and ideas administer one via a feeling of their self, but and also abilities or knowledge one might achieve. Sarte believed that as soon as one becomes proficient in a skill or knows somepoint thoaround, it implies that they “own” that skill or understanding.

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An experience I have actually confronted that helps me to assistance and believe in this concept, is once I joined the volleyball team at my high college. I spent the whole summer practicing volleysphere at open gym, improving my skills and preparing for tryouts that were quickly to come. When tryouts finally arrived I was no longer nervous and I trusted myself to execute well. This was bereason I had actually become a lot even more knowledgeable about the sport and I “owned” the level of ability I had actually operated for and needed to make it onto the team. I realized that I was no much longer trying to come to be a volleyball player, however I was one. The ability I have to play volleyball frequently defines me, whether someone is asking around myself or sees me in unidevelop. The skills and also understanding you acquire become your identification, and also this is an additional example of exactly how the connection between ownership and also sense of self are so linked.

I think ownership of tangible items also determines one’s sense of self. Some argue that ownership of tangible items are bad, while others believe they are great. Whether someone views it as being great or poor, it is still true. In today’s culture, image is every little thing. Social classes are based on how a lot you very own and also identification is based on photo. I don’t totally agree with the dispute made by Plato, stating that owning objects is detripsychological to a person’s character, because at the end of the day objects can be taken away. I think that owning objects have the right to just end up being detripsychological to a person’s character if one becomes more interested in what others think and also attempt to store up a photo even more than their own personal character. I think civilization deserve to obtain recorded up in a picture and end up being materialistic and also selfish, this exposes what kind of perchild one is, giving understanding to one’s feeling of self.

On the other hand also, owning tangible objects might also aid to build ethical character, as Aristotle had sassist. I instantly supported this concept as I looked dvery own and also saw the bracelet I wear on my right wrist everyday. This bracelet is called a kara. I have actually owned a kara every one of my life, and it serves a spiritual purpose to determine myself as a Sikh. This tangible object has helped me as a consistent reminder for my morals, technique, and religious confidence. It is the tangible objects favor my kara that aid to construct moral character. My kara is an identification item that reflects everyone what religion I follow, which screens how tangible items determine ourselves.

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The partnership in between ownership and also sense of self is a really close one. I believe that both the tangible and also intangible things in life define ourselves. I feel that people go to points such as tangible objects and also intangible points such as thoughts, concepts, skills, and expertise to not just determine themselves, however “own” themselves and their identities.

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