Redmon Compost Bin Green culture 65 Gallon

This compost bin can fit in with virtually any suburban setting as the doesn’t take up lot room. The Redmon compost bin is black in color so that doesn’t attract attention to chin either. Although the does not emit much odor, insects space attracted to the compost material so you might think about setting it up far from windows it doors.

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It is not the prettiest item to be discovered in a garden, however it is functional and also nondescript.


The Redmon compost bin system is just one of the simplest composting services to set up and also use ~ above the market. The eco-friendly Culture’s straightforward but sturdy construction method minimal fuss all year round. It can be fastened to the ground v its grounding pegs in order to stop animals from tipping it over.

There space four access doors in ~ ground level for practically use and also ventilation feet throughout come ensure suitable composting.

That said, that is feasible for critters and bugs to acquire in the Redmon, therefore be aware of that concern. If you like to stop pests, you might want to consider a tumbling composter favor the life time 60058 Tumbling Composter.

This composter will develop compost in as small as 60 days, despite there can be far-ranging variation depending on resource materials, temperature, etc. Turning the compost will boost the speed of processing.

Material and also Build Quality

Due to its sturdy plastic resin construction, the Redmon compost bin system is weather resistant. This means that girlfriend won’t have to worry around parts the the bin rusting together you leaving it outside. To stop animals from acquiring inside or tipping the unit over, this compost bin has a security lid and additionally has pegs under which you can push into the ground.

However, these steps don’t completely prevent animals and bugs from getting inside.

Using this unit is a breeze! The lid is easy enough to operate with one hand, leaving your other hand totally free to deposit your compost material without having to set it under first.


There is an extremely minimal assembly forced with the Redmon compost bin system as result of its basic but efficient design. There really isn’t much to do yet place the lid on, and also you have the option to use the ground connection pegs in ~ the bottom the the bin if you choose to. We recommend using them.

Cleaning and also Maintenance

The Redmon compost bin mechanism is remarkably straightforward to clean. Due to the unit gift made indigenous plastic, users have the right to remove the lid, open the doors and just use a garden water tap to wash away any type of grime or dirt.

Tips for far better Composing

Place this unit directly over the soil so that worms and also microbes can acquire inside.For ideal results, break down larger items right into smaller components before adding the material.Be sure not to include waste that might have to be sprayed v chemicals.

Types of product to Compost

Lawn wasteLeaves and also mossWaste from coffee machinesVegetables and also fruitsGardening wasteSawdust (note: do not compost push treated wood)Kitchen scraps choose old fruit and also vegetablesAnimal droppings (except from dogs or cats)

The Bottom Line

The Redmon compost bin device is a solid addition to any type of garden tool set. It’s sturdy, simple to use and clean and also doesn’t stick the end aesthetically. That is very easy come assemble, and also you’ll it is in composting in minutes.

That said, for a small amount more (and a good deal of assembly), buyers could move as much as something favor the Yimby Tumbler Composter, i m sorry offers dual chambers, higher capacity, and pest protection.

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The Redmon Green culture is a an excellent starter compost system and also is a good deal at its price point. It works well, and if you hate assembly, is extremely recommended. If girlfriend don’t psychic a small work, you may want to look at various other options.