For the second year in a row, Red, White, and Boom will not take location downtown this July.

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The company that operates this iconic independence Day celebration announced on society media the they to be unable to gain the occasion permitted by the City of Columbus. The statement from RW & B proclaimed that after “months that working v city leaders v the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic” they have actually received word that the occasion will not receive permitting by the city because that the originally scheduled date of Friday, July 2.





“While disappointed main Ohioans will certainly not be able to attend the biggest fireworks display in the Midwest top top its original date, the board of Trustees because that RW&B has actually committed to continue working v Mayor Ginther’s office to discover an appropriate alternate date, one of two people in so late summer or early on fall.”

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“We think that because we’re tho red together a county, and also we’re only at a 40% vaccination rate right now, the safest and healthiest method we can safeguard the entire community is to continue to prevent these huge gatherings, continuing to ask world to mask up, proceed to get world vaccinated. That’s whereby our real focus and energy is,” stated Mayor Andrew Ginther, follow to NBC4. “I’m committed to working through Red, White and also Boom! to make 2022 the biggest and best eight ever. We’re no on the various other side of this pandemic yet.”

Red, White, & eight joins numerous other annual events that have been cancelled this year as result of ongoing pandemic concerns. Comfest has actually moved come a virtual just event and Stonewall Columbus has made decision to spread out PRIDE occasions throughout the month of June, instead of one bigger event.

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