Maple glazed chicken is sweet, tangy and also full that flavor. Through a robust glaze to start your meal and ready in 30 minutes.

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Chicken breasts have the right to be pretty boring. I usually cook with boneless, skinless chicken breastsso there’s no miracle crispy skin that I acquire to steal from anyone later. They yes, really don’t watch at great as thighs and certainly aren’t together juicy. But they’re cheap and also easy to address in the kitchen, so we stick with it. Yes, chicken breasts deserve to be boring.But the doesn’t typical they can’t be delicious.

Now the I’ve primed you and also you’re all set for deliciousness, now we’re gonna make part maple glazed chicken breasts. Simple. Completely not sophisticated. But full the yum. If you’ve complied with me long enough, you’ll recognize I like depth that flavor. So rather of dumping a whole bunch the maple syrup in there and calling it a maple glaze, I’ve tweaked the flavor profile simply a tiny to have notes the citrus and also some soybean beans sauce come balance the out. For this reason let’s acquire cooking!



Portions: This recipe is sufficient for four servings but if you desire to halve the portions, use 2 chicken breasts however keep the sauce proportions the same. You still want sufficient glaze come go approximately and more sauce is better than no sauce.

Sauce: There space two ways to address the sauce or glaze. You might do a reduction in a pan before baking or after ~ baking through simmering till it thickens. Or you have the right to cheat and include in a cornstarch slurry to save time. I always do this since it’s fast, i can control the consistency and also it’s just simpler overall. It’s for this reason much better than standing end the stove and also waiting because that the sauce to thicken. The sauce will revolve whitish when you include the slurry. Lug it come a boil and also wait till the shade returns to normal. That’s as soon as you understand the slurry has actually thickened the as much as that can.


Baking: I used a 12″ oven-safe skillet so that’s about the size you’re looking to fit 4 chicken breasts. Save the chicken at a street from each other so lock don’t steam instead of bake.

Alternatives methods: If you desire to skip the baking component or merely want come do everything over the stove-top, reduce warm to medium and simmer the chicken in the sauce for about 5 minutes per side. Upper and lower reversal it and also do the other side till the chicken is no much longer pink or the interior temperature reads 165 levels F. You can likewise do this end the grill by thickening the sauce beforehand and then basting the onto the chicken every time friend flip.


And that’s about it. Enjoy it with a side of veggies to balance the meal out or some potatoes. Happy cooking!

For other an excellent chicken chest recipes, shot out honey garlic chicken, chicken with lemon garlic cream sauce, or a dry-rubbed oven-baked chicken.

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