Materials:cameraconstruction papersign language for the chorus to I Think You"re Wonderful (see below)rings to bindconstruction record together.Chorus:I think you"re wonderfulWhen somebody states that to meI feel wonderfulAs wonderful deserve to beIt provides me want to sayThe same thing to someone newAnd through the means I"ve been meaning to sayI think you"re wonderful, tooChorus with Signs:

In the chorus above the underlined words space the words the you will authorize in the song. Provided below is just how to authorize those words

I Pinkie pointing up, hand is placed at the chest.

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Think suggest to her temple

You"re allude away native yourself

Wonderful litter both open up hands up, palms dealing with forward

Says The table of contents finger, pointing come the left, is organized in front of the mouth androlls front in a circular movement.

Me point to yourself

Feel location the tip of the center finger against the chest through the other fingers extended; draw it up a quick distance.

Be The letter "B" is held against the mouth. Relocate it away from the mouth, still in an upright position.

Makes best fist on height of left fist; rotate them in opposite directions and strike them with each other again. Repeat numerous times.

Want location both curved hands in former of you. Palms up and also draw them towards you numerous times.

Somebody host up the right index finger and shake the arm ago and forth slightly, left to right. Palm side may face forward or self.

New The left hand open up hand faces up;the earlier of the right open up hand brushes throughout the hoe of the left from best to left.

Way location both open up hands in former of you, fingers pointing forward and palms encountering each other; move both hand forward v a slight zigzag motion.

Meaning appropriate hand provides a "V" choose "victory". The fingertips of the right handed "V" space placed versus the left open hand, the "V" dealing with out; the "V" is turned and again put into the palm, the "V" encountering in.

Too Pinkie and also thumb are out; relocate hand forward and backward.

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Procedure:Play the song, i Think You"re Wonderful, because that students come learn.Teach the college student the authorize language come the chorus the I Think You"re Wonderful.Take a snapshot of college student performing the sign language to I Think You"re Wonderful and glue the images to building and construction paper.Hang the images on the bulletin plank in the correct order.Later on, take it the pictures down and also put them together with rings to form a book. Students can take turns bringing the publication home to share withtheir families.

NOTE: A teacher kind Philomath, OR sent out this idea come Red. If friend would choose to share among your classroom activities using Red Grammer"s song you can send it come maria