From throwing velvet to tomahawks, the Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons Expert obstacles are a blast to get through


If you desire to prove your prowess v the wide selection of weapons you"ll obtain on your Wild West adventures, then the Red Dead Redemption 2 tools Expert obstacles will permit you show your skills for every to see. It"s no just about the guns, as these ten assignments also take in weapons such as bows and knives, as well as a little bit of explosives come spice points up. If you"re looking to sharpen up your aim in Red Dead Redemption 2 climate completing the tasks on offer right here will definitely aid with that, so take it on plank the advice laid out in our Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons Expert difficulties guide, and you"ll know how to satisfy the particular requirements to complete each that them.

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You will automatically complete this task during the story mission dubbed Paying a society Call, which has actually you stealth killing a bunch that bandits, yet otherwise we recommend utilizing Arthur’s knife as a surprise weapon to acquire these kills, together it quickly uses that viability when enemies start whipping the end their firearms.

Weapons skilled 2 - death 3 opponents in 10 secs using just throwing knives

During the very same story mission, payment a social Call, you’ll obtain a collection of cram knives. Equip them, and also use the deadeye to chuck number of at various enemies in succession, aiming for the head come ensure a kill, and this difficulty will it is in completed.

Weapons experienced 3 - death 3 bird of food using only a tomahawk

This one’s tricky. You can buy tomahawks from the Fence in ~ Emerald Station, yet it’s not precisely a cakewalk come hit falcons and also owls out of the skies with the projectile, also when using deadeye. The best trick I’ve found is kill an pet or bandit before leaving your body to rot for a while, in the hopes of attracting any surrounding birds of prey to descend upon the totally free meal. Otherwise, some birds can be uncovered perched stationary top top rocks near rivers, and also Fences in ~ farms, however it may take girlfriend a while to acquire all three.

Weapons professional 4 - kill 10 adversaries with a shotgun making use of crafted ammo

You can craft shotgun ammo indigenous the crafting menu at a campfire, and the easiest alternative is to develop Split allude bullets making use of your knife, as this doesn"t require any type of other ingredients or recipes because that you find as a prerequisite. Complying with that, equip the ideal bullets utilizing the weapon wheel, before offloading them right into any surrounding humans.

Throwing velvet aren"t precisely the most dangerous tools in Arthur"s arsenal, so you"ll need to score headshots come ensure you gain the kill with a solitary hit every knife. Because that finding sufficient horseback enemies, rack increase a bounty of end $200 in one state, and also a bunch of them will certainly hunt you down in no time.

Weapons expert 6 - kill 4 adversaries at the same time v a single stick of dynamite

Dynamite can be bought indigenous gunsmiths or crafted in ~ camp fires, and also you"ll need to light and throw one right into a group of conglomerated opponents for a opportunity of killing 4 v one stick. Their radius isn"t as big as you could expect, so usage Dead Eye if you require your throw to be as precise as possible.

Weapons professional 7- kill 4 consecutive opponents by throwing and retrieving the exact same tomahawk

Tomahawks have the right to be retrieved once thrown merely by running over come the spot where they landed, and Arthur will automatically pick it up. Favor the throwing knives, you"ll must aim for the head to secure the death on one enemy; rinse and repeat this procedure three an ext times in succession, and also the an obstacle will complete.

Long barrelled shotguns can be bought and customised indigenous gunsmiths in towns roughly Red Dead Redemption 2, so acquisition one, take it the end to a adjacent bandit camp, and fire far to quickly finish up this straightforward challenge.

Weapons professional 9 - kill 9 unaware adversaries from behind, making use of the bow

Bows are an excellent for stealth kills as long as you insurance one fight kills through headshots, so aim because that enemies" noggins native behind because that this challenge. Remain crouched and slow to prevent being spotted, and also make certain you pick your arrows earlier up from your corpses to save on having to buy any type of more.

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Weapons experienced 10 - kill a grizzly be afflicted with without acquisition damage, using just throwing knives

Grizzly bears have the right to be found in the more mountainous regions of Red Dead Redemption 2"s open world, but killing one in this means is very, really hard. Make sure you have plenty of throwing knives (like, at the very least two dozen), and also to avoid taking damages you"ll need to have a solid degree of stamina to outrun the animal whenever he come in for an attack. It"ll it is in a slow, arduous fight, but worth it because that finishing the whole Master Hunter an obstacle set by the end.

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