Kephrii is getting a the majority of traction top top Twitch lately. Interestingly, we have gathered all Overwatch settings of Kephrii and details about his gaming rig and also peripherals. In this post, we will certainly be going to share it with you.

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Although we recognize him as Kephrii, his birth name is in reality Brian St. Pierre. He was born on march 18, 1994, in the USA. And, he to be born and raised in the north VA / DC area.

Initially, he was an intelligence Analyst for the military. After ~ serving for 4.5 years, he ago out.


At the moment, he is a full time streamer on Twitch. Normally, he offered to play Valorant, Apex Legends, WoW, and other similar competitive games. However, the is most renowned for his breathtaking Widowmaker play in Overwatch.

Nowadays, girlfriend will discover him playing Overwatch many of the time. He can not be a skilled gamer.

But he has actually garnered a large fan base through his charming personality and also top-notch gameplay. Due to the fact that of this, anyone is searching for Kephrii Widowmaker settings.

So, let’s get down to business…

Kephrii Widowmaker Settings

Kephrii has specific settings because that Widowmaker. And also he has been making use of the very same settings for a lengthy time. Here are the Kephrii Widowmaker setups for you.

Sensitivity: 00Invert Look: OffHorizontal Sensitivity: 30Vertical Sensitivity: 15Reticle Type: CrosshairsAllied health Bars: OffShow familiar Outlines: DefaultToggle Zoom: OffRelative target Sensitivity when Zoomed: 00Grappling Hook Sensitivity: 40Recoil Recovery target Compensation: On

Kephrii Overwatch Settings

At the moment, you know the Widowmaker settings of Kephrii. However, without discovering his overall Overwatch settings, you will certainly not be able to make the most of it. So, in this section, we will certainly talk about Kephrii’s Overwatch settings.

Kephrii Overwatch mouse Sensitivity Settings

DPI: 400Sensitivity: 8eDPI: 3400Polling Rate: 1000 Hzcm/360:30

Kephrii Overwatch video Settings

The video clip settings in Overwatch room a lot come cover. Together a result, us will separation this right into 2 parts. Let’s go…

Part #1

Display Mode: FullscreenTarget Display: screen 1Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (240)Field of View: 103Aspect Ratio: 16:9VSync: OffTriple Buffering: OffReduce Buffering: OffDisplay performance Stats: OnNVIDIA Reflex: DisabledFlash Indicator: OffDisplay device Clock: OnLimit FPS: CustomFrame price Cap: 400Graphics Quality: LowGamma Correction: a bit less than the middleContrast: 4I: In the middle of the barBrightness: slightly much less than the middle

Part #2

Render Scale: 100%Texture Quality: LowTexture Filtering Quality: Low-1XLocal Fog Detail: LowDynamic Reflections: OffShadow Detail: OffModel Detail: LowEffects Detail: LowLighting Quality: LowAntialiasing Quality: OffRefraction Quality: LowScreenshot Quality: 1 x ResolutionLocal Reflections: OffAmbient Occlusion: OffDamage FX: Default

Kephrii Overwatch Audio Settings

Master Volume: 100Sound effects Volume: 100Music Volume: 0In-Game Voice Volume: 100Voice chat Volume: 100Voice conversation Mic Volume: 100Subtitles: NoneSound Plays if in Background: OnGroup Voice Chat: OnTeam Voice Chat: Auto JoinMatch Voice Chat: OffVoice conversation Mode: press To TalkVoice conversation Device: Default DevicesPlayback Device: DefaultDolby Atmos for Headphones: Off

Kephrii Overwatch Crosshairs Settings

Type: CrosshairsCenter Gap: 6Show Accuracy: OffOpacity: 100Color: BlueOutline Opacity: 50Thickness: 1Dot Size: 5Crosshair Length: 12Dot Opacity: 0Scale v Resolution: On

Kephrii Overwatch control Settings


Sensitivity: 00Invert Look: Off


Horizontal Sensititivty: 30Vertical Sensitivity: 15


Type: Crosshairs


Allied health bars: DefaultShow familiar Outlines: Default

Kephrii Overwatch Gameplay Settings

Always Skip death Cam: OffKill feed Display: OnAchievement Display: NeitherNetwork high quality Notifications: OffLimit customer Send Rate: OffLimit Server Send Rate: OffTips Display: OffUse simple 3P Spectator Camera: OnShow capture Play of The video game UI: OffOverwatch organization Score Spoilers: OffWaypoint Opacity: 0%Respawn symbol Opacity: 0%Player overview Strength: 100Enable Voice line While Spectating: OffEnable Workshop Inspector: OffEnable Workshop Inspector log File: OffEnable short article Match Auto Queue: OnEnable High Precision computer mouse Input: OffSnap fatality Camera to Killer: Off

Kephrii Overwatch Extra Settings

Ashe border Sensitivity: 65Ana scope Sensitivity: 35Widowmaker border Sensitivity: 35Widowmaker Hook Sensitivity: 40Recoil Recovery target Compensation: OnHigh Precision computer mouse Input: OffZoom Preference: Hold, not Toggle

Kephrii Overwatch Gaming Peripherals

Are girlfriend still with us? climate you currently know all around Kephrii’s Overwatch and Widowmaker settings. In this component of the post, we will certainly talk about his gaming peripherals. Honestly, Kephrii has a mighty gaming rig. And, his streaming setup is also top-class. So, stop learn much more about it…


Kephrii is right now using 3 various monitors for various purposes. Here’s an ext on this…


Right now, that is making use of the ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN monitor as his gaming monitor. The is a beast the a monitor. Since it comes with a lining 360 Hz refreshing rate and only 1 ms response time, few of the notable attributes are G-Sync, Eye-care, HDR10, low blue irradiate filter, flicker-free technology, and more.

This is the world’s very first 360 Hz refresh rate monitor. The is a 24.5-inch monitor v a display resolution the 1920 x 1080p. You will find HDMI (v2.0), DisplayPort (1.4), and also USB ports at the earlier of the monitor. If you have the budget, friend can absolutely go with this.

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q

Kephrii is using this monitor because that stream chat and also internet browsing. This is likewise from Asus, and also it is a 27-inch gaming monitor. It has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440. It comes v an IPS display.

The monitor has actually a 165 Hz refreshing rate and also a 4 ms solution time. You will discover DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, and also 2 x USB 3.0 ports in ~ the back. The is a great monitor, even for gaming. But for streaming, the is overkill, honestly.


On the various other hand, Kephrii is making use of the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P monitor for OBS/Spotify. This is a 24-inch monitor through a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a solution time the 1 ms. This is likewise another 1080p monitor.

It comes v Black eQualizer, shade Vibrance, flicker-free, etc., technology. It likewise has multiple connectivity choices such together DisplayPort, Dual-Link DVI-D to reach 144Hz, HDMI, and Headphone/Microphone Jack input.


ROG Gladius 1

Interestingly, also though Kephrii has an overkill setup, he uses a very generic mouse. In ~ the moment, the is making use of the ROG Gladius 1 mouse. According to him, he began using it and got used to it. As a result, that is not transforming or upgrading his mouse. In his words, ‘if the ain’t broke, climate don’t deal with it.

The ROG Gladius 1 mouse is a wired computer mouse with as much as 6400 DPI. The comes through a 2-meter braided cable and 1-meter continual rubber USB cable. It has actually Japanese-made Omron switches. The weighs just 116 grams.


Artisan Ninja FX Hien Soft XL

Kephrii is utilizing the Artisan Ninja FX Hien Soft XL mousepad. It is easily accessible in a couple of colors. And also he is using the wine red color. The XL size steps 49.0(W) x 42.0(L) x 4(H) mm. The is made v knitted polyester cloth. The middle layer the the mousepad is made v 4 mm solitary foam of a distinct type. So the is comfortable as well.


SteelSeries Apex agree TKL

Kephrii is using another top-rated keyboard amongst gamers and also streamers. At the moment, he own the SteelSeries Apex pro TKL keyboard. Yes, that is a 10 keyless keyboard. According to SteelSeries, this keyboard has the world fastest mechanically switches. Speaking of switches, it comes through its own OmniPoint switches. You have the right to actually customize the actuation distance from 0.4 come 3.6 mm on these switches.

The frame of the keyboard is made with aluminum for durability. In addition, it has actually an OLED smart display. Girlfriend will be able to see plenty of updates and also information about your games, streaming, and also chat applications directly on the keyboard.

At the exact same time, you can get information around the existing model of the key-board as well. Over there is a magnetic detachable wrist rest as well. It additionally comes with customizable RGB lighting. Kephrii is using the Razer Doubleshot PBT (Black and Pink) keycaps in this keyboard.


Turtle Beach upstream Atlas Aero

The headset is another place whereby Kephrii gone wild through his upstream Atlas Aero from turtle Beach. This is a premium gaming headset v a many of luxury features. This wireless headset has actually 30+ hrs of battery backup.

Overall, this is a top-class headset for gaming, streaming, and video calling. The is equipped through 50 mm Nanoclear™ speakers with Neodymium magnets. The frequency solution of this headset is 12 Hz come 20 kHz.


EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra

You deserve to see that Kephrii is utilizing the ultimate ideal GPU the end there. It is an overwhelming to get this GPU because that the original price because that the scalpers and also stock shortage.

However, civilization are tho buying this v a bit greater price tag. It have the right to handle most games to the highest possible settings and higher resolution 보다 ever. So that is without doubt a good choice if you have actually the budget.


Electro-Voice RE20

For the microphone, Kephrii is utilizing the Electro-Voice RE20 transfer announcer mic. This is obtainable in gray and also black color. It is a wired microphone with a frequency response of 18000 Hz and 150 Ohm impedance. The mic weighs just 1 lb.


This is dynamic cardioid micro through studio condenser top quality performance. It has a steel case and also hum-backing coil for supplying magnetic shielding versus any heat hum. It deserve to be used for voice-over, streaming, podcast, radio, music production, audiobook narration, and also even gaming. All in all, this is a expert quality microphone.

Wrap Up

Kephrii is a really down-to-earth person. That lost around 43 Kg or 95 Lbs. Through this, he has actually become an ideas to many people all about the globe. At the very same time, his Widowmaker gameplays on Overwatch also making him famous gradually.

Nowadays, the is streaming on Twitch regularly. His Twitch account has over 569k followers. And also his YouTube account has over 302 k subscribers.

He uploads his gameplay highlights on YouTube frequently. Brian is also obtainable on Instagram, where you will uncover his cat’s snapshot along v his gameplay bits and also his very own pictures. He has actually over 47k pendant on Instagram.

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You can additionally follow him on Twitter for every the recent updates. His Twitter account has actually over 65k pendant at the minute of creating this post.

So, if you have uncovered this short article useful, don’t forget come share this v others. And, if girlfriend have any kind of suggestions or questions, you have the right to drop united state a heat in the comments below!