Razer is recognized for your top end peripherals and much more notably their mice. The Razer DeathAdder is Razer’s top-selling product yet with the various other mice options they have available is it really the best?

In this Razer Mamba upstream vs DeathAdder Elite review, ns am going come answer every your concerns to highlight what the distinctions are and which one is finest for you.

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Renowned for its comfort, ergonomics and also top sensor, the Deathadder upstream is our height pick. Review on to uncover out why.

You may additionally be considering the Razer DeathAdder Chroma or Razer Mamba tournament Edition. Please watch the FAQ section at the finish of the short article for explanations on these two and why friend shouldn’t choose either end the DeathAdder elite or Mamba Elite.

The specifications are essential towards helping you decision which mouse might fit her hand size and also grip format better. The most necessary parts of choosing a mouse are the sensor, shape, weight and buttons. Let united state break every of these under so friend know exactly what you space getting.

Both mice are very evenly matched as soon as it comes to specifications with each making use of Razer’s 3389 sensor. A top-end sensor the will carry out precision tracking and also zero pixel skipping or jittering.

Razer state that the sensor has a resolution accuracy of 99.4%. Ns doubt exactly how this is calculated yet it doesn’t matter because the sensor is solid and definitely similar to the PMW3366 and also PMW3360.

Razers’s 3389 sensor supports up to 16,000 DPI in 50 increments therefore you have the right to be certain you can obtain the specific DPI setting you want whether its 400, 800 or 1600. I would recommend no going above 1600 together it is unnecessary.

If you are conscious of the tilt-slamming issue that older optics proficient such as the Avago 3310 climate Razer’s 3389 fixes this definition there is no spin-outs with fast successive swipes.

So for the sensor, there isn’t anything in between these two yet the following section is whereby the main distinctions lie.


The Razer Mamba elite looks strikingly similar to the Deathadder Elite and also when set side by next this is noticeable apart from a couple of subtle transforms Razer have applied.

The sides and thumb grooves space not virtually as characterized on the Razer Mamba. If friend look in ~ the DeathAdder friend will view that the curves are steep and also much more prominent. This comes under to personal preference really yet it feels as though the Razer Mamba is geared slightly much more towards larger hands.

The next grips are additionally different special a an ext rigid texture which looks and also feels an excellent but may catch dirt really conveniently over time. The Mamba elite ’s primary mouse 1 and mouse 2 grooves are more subtle which is a pleasant adjust over the DeathAdder Elite’s much more exaggerated slopes.

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As because that the key hump of each mouse, the Mamba Elite’s is much more in the middle of the shell contrasted to the DeathAdder Elite. This is a welcome enhancement as it offers much much better support because that palm and also claw tight players.