"Bless The damaged Road" was one of the best hits of Rascal Flatts" 20-year career and is tho a track worth looking back on together an prominent moment in nation music. The song, released as a solitary in 2004, aided shoot the team to superstardom, spending five weeks atop the Billboard Hot nation Songs chart and also taking residence a Grammy Award for best Country Song. In the tune, functional lead singer Gary LeVox sings about being thankful for all the wrong turns, long lost dreams, and also heartache that at some point led him to the human he"s truly expected to it is in with. He sends out this thankfulness not just to his soulmate, yet to God, who blessed the "broken road" he required to true love.

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It"s difficult to imagine that "Bless The broken Road" can belong to any type of band or artist various other than Rascal Flatts, however the tune actually had a couple of other lives prior to it uncovered its way to the group. The tune was created by Marcus Hummon, Bobby Boyd and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band"s Jeff Hanna in 1994, ten years prior to it to be released come radio through the Flatts. Follow to The Boot, the track was composed after Hanna reverted from his honeymoon through his wife, singer-songwriter Matraca Berg, in "94. He and also Hummon were chatting about the paths one absorbs life, and Hummon brought an ext inspiration because that the song that he gained from a conversation v Bobby Boyd. Hanna claimed the entire song took them "a pair of hours" to write.

Nitty Gritty Dirt tape then taped it and also put the on their 1994 album, Acoustic, however never exit it as a single. Nitty Gritty dirt band"s variation is similar to Rascal Flatts" in that the production is piano-heavy, yet it walk not function the slight banjo and electric guitar elements heard in the 2004 version. One year after Nitty Gritty Dirt tape released your version, one of the song"s various other songwriters, Marcus Hummon, exit his own version because that his 1995 debut album, All In good Time. Later, nation group young Of The Desert taped an unreleased variation of the song and also Melodie Crittenden likewise recorded the song.

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"Bless The damaged Road" was clearly a renowned song in Music City. In fact, Hanna said The Boot the track was held a total of 150 times, consisting of by Brooks & Dunn, yet it just couldn"t it seems ~ to discover its home. Rascal Flatts to be interested in the song long before they cursed to it as well. Hanna claimed they "toyed with" putting it top top their first album, and they even held the track for their 2nd project. Then, as soon as it come time to ready their 3rd album, Feels choose Today, Hanna acquired the news that it would be recorded and also released come radio.

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The Platinum song went down as among Rascal Flatts" many successful and recognizable hits, and also it will certainly be remembered at the top of the band"s musical legacy.

"Bless the broken Road" lyrics:

I set out on a narrow way many year agoHoping ns would find true love along the damaged roadBut I acquired lost a time or twoWiped mine brow and kept pushing throughI couldn"t see how every authorize pointed right to you
That every lengthy lost dream led me to wherein you areOthers who damaged my heart, they were like north starsPointing me top top my way into her loving armsThis much I recognize is trueThat God blessed the damaged roadThat led me right to youYes, the did
I think around the years i spent simply passin" throughI"d choose to have actually the time ns lost and also give it back to youBut you simply smile and take my handYou"ve to be there, girlfriend understandIt"s all component of a grander setup that is coming true
Every long lost dream led me to whereby you areOthers who damaged my heart, they were like north starsPointing me top top my means into her loving armsThis much I recognize is trueThat God blessed the damaged roadThat led me right to youYeah
And currently I"m just a-rollin" homeInto my lover"s armsThis lot I understand is trueThat God blessed the broken roadThat led me directly to you