Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair repair System is a 4 product collection of hair care products designed to regain your hair earlier to it’s regular condition. The collection includes Hair fix Shampoo, Hair repair Conditioner, Hair fix Mask, and Hair repair Treatment.

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Pro Naturals Hair repair System was not designed to replace your consistent shampoo and conditioner, fairly it to be designed to use as a weekly treatment once every six weeks come clarify, cleanse and repair your hair from source to tip. Examine out the commodities included in the set.

Hair fix Shampoo, 280ml


The shampoo advertises as having actually the capability to add volume and improve shine, reclaim damaged hair and provide color defense (it’s sulfate free) if leaving the hair soft, light and also silky.

Hair repair shampoo has a an extremely creamy formula texture and also suds well.

Hair fix Conditioner, 280ml


Hair fix conditioner has Argan oil to offer your hair instant moisture and repair damage.

Hair repair Mask, 250ml


After shampooing and conditioning your hair, agree Naturals argues that you follow up v the hair repair mask. Apply liberally to the hair and let it sit for 10-25. Similar to most hair masks, I always suggesting acquiring the many of your deep conditioning treatment by sitting under the dryer, low heat to absorb deep right into the hair. This will certainly make her hair light, fluffy and shiny.

Hair fix Treatment, 50ml


Last yet not the very least is the hair fix treatment. That packaged in an amber colored glass bottle and also claims to contain Argan Oil and also a couple of other additional ingredients. Kudos come Pro organic for offering an explanation about the other additives in the bottle. The oil has actually a gel prefer texture and also absorbs into the hair instantly, but does not offer the hair overwhelming shine.

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Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Repair device retails for $159.99. The assets can be purchased separately, yet it’s much more expensive buying item by piece. Acquisition on agree Naturals website. Usage the code gli25 to obtain a $25 turn off discount.

Argan oil conditioner hair treatment mask serum shampoo

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