Princess Love resolve Weight ns Criticism

Princess Love has taken to social media to deal with the hefty criticism over her dramatic weight loss.

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The “Love & i know well Hop Hollywood” star tied the knot through Ray J on august 12 and also she was an certain gorgeous bride.

Ray J & Princess Love Tie The node (Pics & Video)

But, while countless were gushing over the beautiful wedding work photos, others to be shocked by and criticized her for being “too skinny.”

“I favor the special Princess better, ” appeared to be the consensus.

Princess Love took to her social media page to address her 40 pound weight loss and says she accomplished it by walk vegan and also cutting the end alcohol.

She added that she is “happy” v her body.

Read her write-up on page 2.

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XavieraAugust 18, 2016
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