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Say Bass heavy brahTurn that shit up ya digDe one here, ya muthafuckas ain't bootin increase on tha flo'(yeah boot up nigga or shut up)Lookin at that nigga KrazyListen to it (3rd ward)I wanna see a nigga acquire hurt the this shit yes ya digWe makin move niggaOn da block posted up ta get mineI'm top top the block posted upWit them thangs invited upHope castle folks don't pull upCuz if they perform then I'm stuckI'ma be in prison wit dat dig lookHair every nappy lookin favor a fuckin crookI'm on da block with them thangs invited upI typical them toysFuck castle niggas if castle fuck with my me or mine boysI'ma tru nigga don't treatment bout nothing boyIf ya start frontinI'ma have ta begin somethinFuck the entirety worldIf they don't likeIf i go to jail my old lady gonna journey meCuz I'ma thug a a lil' ghetto boy trapped in crimeI hope them folks don't placed up a take it my muthafuckin dimesOn the block post up and I'm down for whateverHave you to be ride for yo shit, nigga neverCuz if ns gotta gun (what) and also he gotta gunShit i don't give a posesthe nigga ns ain't unable to do runIt's degree yet a pen in mine future (in my future)That's why i live exactly how I liveCuz that's all that I'm usage taYou don't wanna go to war and that's realLil' nigga gotta cool cuz he could get killed
I'm on the block tryin ta make some change I'm worn down of being brokeSo I'ma gain my money right and smoke part weed and also cokeI couldn't concentrate in college with the troubles I hadWhen my brother went to jail is as soon as I take it the wrong pathThat's when I had to action up and be the guy ta make it rightEat and sleep every day and hustle, hustle all nightIf anybody need me fine they can catch me be on the blockIn all black through a Glock and a mouth full of rocksMuthafuckin cop directly fillin tho totin GlocksI'm ~ above the block post up chillin by the barbershopI told mine nigga make the holla if them world pull upSo i can get the crap cuz ns ain't tryin to get that dig lookI dig up in y'all like Min YawlFuck around and get ya head crackedPlaying through this tru dawg so back up turn off me lil' daddyBefore ya piss me offCarry max, gauges, choppers, and dual barrel sawed-offWe ain't come ta have actually stuff, we come ta bust headsBurn dwellings to the pavement if we feel we gettinPlayed, now everydayHobbies is load and also bust and also knock a nigga foot offIf a bitch speak somethin, currently who be the rawest niggaT-R-U the most dangerousJust load'em increase it ain't no thang ta usWe maxing up a comes ta acquire chaOh fake ass niggas gonna do us break-up chaOn the block v the rocks obtaining richa, the picture