Pokemon go player and also Reddit user CatFrogArts discovers a new exploit in the game that enables players come bypass its PokeStop speed limit restrictions.

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as soon as traveling as the passenger in a car, Pokemon GO players commonly aren"t may be to collection items native PokeStops as result of the game"s rate limit restrictions. However, Pokemon GO player and also Reddit user CatFrogArts has found a cheat in the video game that enables players come bypass its speed limit restrictions.

Basically, players have to open the journal when near a PokeStop and then automatically close it. This will reason the game to pack (to call if the video game is loading, look for a white Pokeball spinning in ~ the optimal of the screen), providing players a short home window of possibility to turn the PokeStop wheel and collect the items.

Apparently, this cheat works since players" speed isn"t taken right into account once the video game is loading. Considering this, over there are most likely other means to cause this exploit, however opening and closing the journal appears to it is in the quickest method. Everyone that wants to use this trick to collect items indigenous PokeStops without having actually to worry about the rate limit restrictions will desire to execute so fast, though, because now the it"s the end in the open, Niantic may take steps to spot it the end of the game.

since Pokemon GO released last summer, Niantic has consistently sustained it with updates and patches, many of i m sorry were implemented as a means to do the video game safer for players. This speed limit trick can tempt football player that are driving their auto to shot to collect items native PokeStops together well, i beg your pardon could result in a major accident.

Niantic has actually struggled with exactly how to take care of the risks of Pokemon GO as soon as it involves irresponsible drivers. The video game warns players not to beat Pokemon GO when driving, and restricts elements of gameplay when players reach particular speeds. Even so, that hasn"t stopped some civilization from play the game while driving, a an option that has proven fatal on more than one occasion.

The safety concerns surrounding Pokemon GO are keeping the game from launching in China, i beg your pardon seems prefer a significant missed chance for Niantic from a financial standpoint. Maybe in an initiative to do the video game safer, Niantic might patch out this speed limit exploit, or it may take more drastic measures, which can include not letting civilization play the game at all when they fight a details speed.

some players may find such a restriction as well limiting, specifically those that simply want to record some Pokemon while riding in a car as a passenger.

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It"s difficult to to speak if Niantic will certainly go that much when it pertains to its Pokemon GO speed limit restrictions, but fans deserve to likely counting on the company fixing this newly found exploit, at the very least.