I don’t know how you guys feel around people with multiple pokemon walk accounts since as a regular player i only have one account I often tend to play through my dad from time to time. Yet there room some human being who have actually multiple accounts it often questions me top top why ?.I recognize that level 5 raids you need much more people however I alwys walk to raid hour on Wednesday night. Currently last week as result of the virus outbreak me and also my dad had actually a gym close to us at the winsford train station to our selfs because of no one using it, and because me and are ~ above 2 various teams we had a regimen where my dad has actually the gym from 5am to 1pm and also I’ll take it out about 1pm till 7pm . This week hasn’t gone as planned this main I thought 2 diffrent mystic players joined my dad due to the fact that there 2 different user name of willcx5 and trainer1815 however according to a friend who is ~ above the exact same team as me who goes through solar wrex the willcx5 and also trainer1815 space the very same person and he has 8 accounts weather itsvon the very same phone or 8 various ones however I’m guessing that the very same one and also because that i cant it seems ~ to save the gym long enough so ns can gain my everyday coins because that this week.

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Well, some civilization dont have actually a dad to traction along, dont live close enough to girlfriend or a carolannpeacock.com to execute a raid real quick, or don’t desire to count on other human being to execute a raid.

I qualify for all 3 conditions so I operation 2 - if necessary 3 - account to perform some things (although the carolannpeacock.com closeby is a 15 min drive only but then again shedding my parking point out is killing me)

Don’t worry about the coins and also don’t flinch in the face of 8 accounts. Just keep attack his gyms.

I do my 2nd account to assist with raids once I to be banned from my regional raid group. My friend made a 2nd account together well and between the 2 (kinda 4) of us we regulated to carry out the easy t5 that Azelf & then Cresselia, however got demolished by Armored mewtwo. Now she doesn’t really play & ns haven’t made one more account since that appears excessive. Sadly it pipeline me can not to raid t5s at all many times, uneven there happens to be arbitrarily players, or I deserve to get another friend come raid with. Mine alt account is the very same team as mine, so ns don’t do any unsavory things choose shaving to make room because that myself. I can sweep a gym pretty fast though if I gain the time right. The 2nd account is also really useful because that trading and battling. There offered to be a time once I was brief on sinnoh stones. I just deleted part bc ns was end 100. Ns think if you don’t abuse it (make it very same team as main account) a second account is periodically a neccessary tool. Being able come duo many t4s is a good perk.

Multi-accounting, prefer spoofing, doesn’t bother me inherently. Rather, that comes down to exactly how people select to utilize those “advantages.” If someone has a bunch the alts to help with raids, sure, that’s fine. If they usage alts come funnel shinies and also Legendaries come their main account, also fine.

However, when world start making use of their alts in gyms, that’s wherein it starts to obtain annoying. Because that instance: Using 3 accounts to stagger your attacks on a gym, for this reason the defender gets knocked out prior to they’d even have a opportunity to berry. Berrying gyms utilizing alt accounts, which have the right to prevent a single attacker from ever taking a gym, so long as those account have enough berries. Having actually gyms filled by a single person who hogs all the spots v their alts.

That’s mine 2¢

I began my 2nd account a month ago. Mine friends aren’t into Pokémon that much, therefore is mine wife, mine daughter is 5yo and terrified that Bannette and also my child is 2, quiet trying come eat mine phone ~ above occasion. Local carolannpeacock.com is there just for five star raids. A stranger or a guy you saw two times and also made awkward tiny talk with throughout a raid is not going to assist you when you need assist with A-Marowak.

It’s like having a friend who plays together you, plain and simple. As long as it’s no overdone - there is a guy in my neighborhood with eleven accounts - ns think that okay.

I started a second acct due to the fact that i use the second acct come beat myself out of the gym to gain pokie coins. Quiet a most players out there but player #s have actually dropped, so the is tough to obtain knocked the end of gyms. Accounts room on different teams. Also i usage it because that the special research where it suggests to battle another trainer. Tough to ask my sisters(they room moms and I to be not) and my nephews & nephew to fight with me when they got the gotta do everything college bound mode.

I’ve thought around resurrecting mine wife’s account to aid me duo t4s, however then I begin thinking of the moment it would take to develop up she teams(account is in the 20s and also no real great counters) and how much it would take away from obtaining resources in mine, I simply stick to one. I’ve run multiple account on various other games, so I’m no totally versus it if that’s what you desire to spend resources on. Come me pogo is just a Mobil game and also I’d rather spend the time on residence console games

This. There’s a male in mine city that​ has access to 6 account (I recognize not every one of them room theirs, however at the very least 3 are) and also he offers them to fill gyms and also defend lock forever. That literally single handedly eliminated the video game here


I have a second account at level 34 to go v my key at 40. I trade high level meta relevant mon because that raiding come the alt so I deserve to do 4* and 5* raids by myself as I don’t have any type of friends the play. I also like gift able to profession for luckies through myself and also have gone lucky friends through myself 4 times (in virtually 18 months mind you). I never use it to skim people out the gyms or come rig the gym coin device (my accounts room on the same team). As soon as I join a team I like having my account as best friend together I get the extra 4 balls and also that’s all you need most of time. 16 balls vs 12 is day and also night in regards to your opportunities of capturing the raid boss.

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The other advantage of the alt is PVP. I get to exercise things in there because I don’t really care around the rewards on that account and it lets me trial points I am thinking around on the main…I yes, really wish you will do it implement a league where there room no rewards yet you can fight (without being friends).

2 phones 4 account here… i don’t care around getting gold gyms, everyday coins or gym control… lol ns play exactly how i wanna play… in my carolannpeacock.com some human being just so target hurt over multiple accounts