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FRIDAY PUZZLE — come the surprise of certain no one who has ever solved a crossword by Brendan Emmett Quigley, this was a hard one. Mr. Quigley is recognized for puzzles that space jampacked v pop society and factoids, many of i beg your pardon — i’m trying come think that a way to to speak this — most likely aren’t that acquainted to a bulk of new York times Crossword solvers.

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Except, possibly, because that Paolo Pasco. Mr. Pasco is likewise an indie constructor who grids are well-known for gift fresh and challenging. He appears to be a greatly end-of-the-week constructor, at least in The Times, except for an occasional Monday puzzle. This is his an initial Times Crossword participation with Mr. Quigley, and you just know the those 2 minds put together room going to provide us something special.

So we’ve got our work reduced out for us, but it’s Friday, and that’s what Friday puzzles space for.

The marquee entries space fantastic. There is nothing far better than emotion as if her puzzle is yelling in ~ you. You LIED to ME, on WHAT PLANET, therefore LET IT walk — these are so lot fun come write right into the grid. And also LEAD GUITAR, APRIL THESES, CLOSE increase MAGIC and also the debut of AL COWLINGS space nothing to sneeze at, either. There room 10 debut entries in this 15x15 puzzle.

And the cluing really provided me a operation for mine money. An assortment of young and also old, straightforward and also really “out there” made this crossword puzzle a delight to tackle.

One administrivial alert: I will certainly be top top a four-week leaving of lack until Oct. 5, and also you will certainly be in the soft however supple hands of Rachel Fabi, Isaac Aronow and Caitlin Lovinger. Have actually a exorbitant September, and also I will view you in October.

Tricky Clues

5A. Ns honestly believe that TIM Robinson’s “I Think You need to Leave” is just one of the funniest shows on television. That reminds me that “How to wake up People.” Mr. Robinson’s hot Dog vehicle sketch offered us among the finest memes that the summer. It’s no standards-friendly, but it’s top top YouTube.

14A. I whiffed ~ above this one. You could have obtained it right away. Viva la wheelhouses! Anyway, the zero (0) in “0, for 0°” is the SINE. However you can tell me the it’s her cousin and also I would probably think you.

19A. Ns briefly assumed that the answer to “Liberal leader?” would certainly be ELL, together in the “leader” or very first letter the “liberal,” however that is probably not even spelled correctly. The proviso is actually searching for a prefix, and in this case the price is NEO.

23A. This is a tricky one. The clue — “Amusement, online” — sounds as if the answer would be singular, but the answer is LOLS.

42A. A “Show the hands?” can be a group of world raising your hands, yet this reservation is talking about a performance, or “show.” A show that concentrates mainly ~ above the hands can be CLOSE up MAGIC, wherein the magician stands near the audience and does tricks that have the right to be perform manually.

1D/2D. Twin clues! ns hope those CHINO/LINEN pants remain in style.

7D. The clue, “Site because that a movie poster?,” is not around a poster you have the right to put on her wall. It’s around people who post articles around movies online, and the website where castle would execute that is a MEDIA BLOG.

12D/45D. Exactly how insistent! The twin clues “Gimme, gimme, gimme!” hints at more at 12D and I want at 45D.

44D. Very nice clue. “FAQ checkers” sound a lot favor “fact checkers,” but that’s not where this clue wants your brain to go. Human being who look at a commonly Asked concerns section often tend to it is in USERS.

49D. A “Line native a bit?” is no a punchline indigenous a comedy bit. In this puzzle, the is the REINs that expand from the little in a horse’s mouth.

Constructor Notes

Brendan Emmett Quigley: Hey everybody. Top top my perform of greatest singles that the ’90s, “Return that the Mack” comes in in ~ No. 94, sandwiched in between “X-French Tee Shirt” and “Regulate.”

Paolo Pasco: it is crazy. My rankings are precisely the same.

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The Tipping Point

Almost perfect solving however need a bit an ext help? We’ve gained you covered.

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