Pink's style Evolution: from the 'Just choose a Pill' Days with 'What around Us'

P!nkhasn't constantly been the sleek layout rockstar the she is today. From a wild, pink-haired punk to a innovative blonde star, see just how the singer's fashion sense has progressed over the years.

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This gallery was initially published in December 2013 and also has to be continually to update since.


At the 6th Annual heart Train Lady of soul Awards in 2000, she baggy jeans, tennis shoes and bizarre, floor-length jacket didn't have to scream \"red carpet.\"


P!nk, a.k.a. Alecia Moore, looked choose a neon-haired dominatrix in ~ this M.A.C. Viva Glam party in her at an early stage days together a star. The look set Pink except her other pop stars and established she harder, punk rock style.

At the MTV Icon: Janet Jackson event in 2001, P!nk ongoing looking edgy in awhite knee-length dress v black scribbled writing that confirmed off her affinity for wearing black color heeled boots. Her bubblegum pink hair included a pop of color to this otherwise monochromatic ensemble.

Pink maintained it casual in ~ the 2001 MTV video Music Awards in baggy green cargo pants, a fishnet bodysuit, cropped tank top and also red fedora. This outfit might be a relic that its time, yet this watch missed the mark. And, um, where are her shoes?

For the 2001 Music Awards, P!nk evoked a mermaid caught in a fisherman's net. The strappy, floral sandals and blonde and also pink braids included to this look, which was as revealing together it to be odd.

Pink's outfit at the 44th yearly Grammy Awards looked favor a bachelor party gown awry. The sparkly pink and also black bra, warm pink garter and half-pants developed a confuse look, however itwas certainly edgy.

Though still at an early stage in her fashion evolution, this black jumpsuit in ~ MTV's Icon occasion honoring Aerosmith was among the singer's first hits. This all-black look, v side cutouts and a lower-than-low neckline, to be sexy in every the ideal ways.

Before winning the award for international female solo artist in ~ the 2003 Brit Awards, P!nk go the red carpet in this combined print, draped dress. Her punk-inspired, spiky red hair suitable the red in she dress, yet that's the only thing the really operated in this look.

P!nk channeled the gothic era in she outfit in ~ the 45th annual Grammy Awards. The thin lace number highlighted she leg tattoo and bondage-style heels. She spiderweb eyes and also mohawk topped off this dark look.
Finally all set to mix up she style, the shining colors to be in P!nk\"s outfit and also not on she head at the \"Charlie\"s Angels 2\" premiere. However, she wasn\"t exactly radiating style in this pink and also purple baggy pastel dress and also light purple suede boots.
P!nk\"s thin black chop turtleneck and also lace and also leather skirt in ~ the 2003 civilization Music Awards wasn\"t her finest look, yet it was flattering and also she combine the dark leather v a mile-wide smile.
Channeling, well, the devil, P!nk\"s outfit in ~ the 2003 MTV Europe Music Awards definitely showed that she could be a badass. The shining red jumpsuit was complete with embellishments on the bust, devil horns and also a tail. \"Trouble\" indeed.
P!nk\"s tiny optimal hat and solitary massive earring certainly framed her confront at this Pepsi occasion in 2004, while she low-cut black and gray gown describe her more risque side. It may have been a small messy, but the singer wore it through confidence.
At Will.I.Am Music and also RBK Group\"s Tsunami advantage Concert in 2005, P!nk and then-boyfriend Carey Hart made decision comfort end style. P!nk\"s baggy cargo pants and also slouchy red hoodie certainly seemed cozy, though it wasn\"t the many high fashion choice. If nothing else, this look showed that P!nk has never been afraid to rebel.
P!nk vamped it up at the 2005 American Music Awards, in a sheer black dress and sexy lingerie. The basic diamond jewelery included a level of sophistication, while her black and also blonde hair to be somewhere between Cruella de Vil and a high fashion femme fatale.
At the TV week Logie Awards in 2006, P!nk stunned is this lengthy gold satin gown through a sparkly black bodice. Combined with she sleekly styled blonde hair and pink pout, this look called back to standard Hollywood glamor and marked the beginning of a new, chic era for her red carpet style.
May 2006 discovered Miss Moore spring casual and cute in ~ MTV\"s \"Spankin\" brand-new Sounds the Summer\" music week. Though her hair to be blonde and curly, the floral top and pink dress reminded viewers of her moniker in every the best ways. She seemingly always-present black boots offered an extra kick of rock \"n\" role style.
In February 2007, P!nk verified up come a miss out on Sixty fashion show in this denim dress and strappy black and also yellow heels. The design was also by miss out on Sixty, that course, and gave turn off a really casual vibe.
At the 49th yearly Grammy Awards in 2007, P!nk displayed a previously unseen level that sophistication in this beaded black Herve Leger gown. With a smokey eye and straightforward jewelery, the \"Missundaztood\" singer was starting to show her classy, maturation side.
P!nk\"s lacy white gown and also spiky white hair in ~ the MTV Australia video Music Awards in 2007 verified off she ultra-buff arms, chest and also back. Clearly a step in her transition from a wild punk come fashion superstar, this outfit did simply as many things wrong as it go right.
At a 2008 taping the \"FNMTV,\" P!nk looked sharp and put-together in a simple brown leather jacket and also white jeans. She let go the mark a little bit with a stripe hat, but still proved off her occurring style.
P!nk\"s boldly stripe Alexis Lamontagna red carpet gown in ~ the 2008 MTV VMAs describe her capacity to it is in classic and edgy at the exact same time. Her spiky white blonde \"do included to masculine energy of this look, yet the long stripes were flattering and played up she fabulous figure.
This very bright blue, structured coat was just as striking as P!nk\"s performance of \"So What?\" at the 2008 MTV VMAs. Indigenous the high collar to her wedge black color boots, P!nk as soon as again combined punky edge v class, developing a memorable look at in enhancement to a memorable performance.
Miss Moore verified off she softer next at the 2008 ARIA Awards in Sydney, Australia. This lengthy white Grecian gown (which appeared to perfectly enhance her hair) was the begin of her much more elegant red carpet looks.
P!nk ongoing to experiment the mixing she feminine and wild political parties at the 2008 MTV europe Music Awards in this crinkled, metallic gown. Despite it was thought about a fashion misstep through bloggers, this dress shown the P!nk is never afraid to take dangers in a classy, stylish way.

P!nk's \"Funhouse\" tour costumes were carried to life by designer Bob Mackie. This outfit proved off the singer's fiery side and also was provided for songs like \"Just choose A Pill\" and \"Who Knew.\"

P!nk absolutely stunned in this Tony Ward Haute Couture gown at the 52nd yearly Grammy Awards in January 2010. The steady ombre fade from light gray to black through the scalloped layers produced a chic, timeless look. She sparkling Neil lane jewelery and also Judith Leiber clutch made her shine also more.
At the L.A. Happy & Lesbian Center\"s \"An Evening v Women\" in 2010, P!nk embraced nature with this wild, flowing animal print jumpsuit. Miss Moore also followed suit v her hair, mirroring off her natural, rarely-seen color.
Just a few days after ~ announcing her pregnancy v her husband Carey Hart, P!nk perform an energetic version of \"Raise your Glass\" at the 2010 American Music Awards. These embellished black harem pants and shiny gold jacket verified a an ext urban next of the singer.
P!nk\"s daring feeling of format landed her a gig together the confront of CoverGirl in 2012, and also at the presentation of she advertisement, she determined to stay a classic tiny black dress -- through a twist -- by Norma Kamali.

Though P!nk's shave blonde hair may have garnered the most discussion at the 2012 MTV VMAs, this full length, intricately beaded Stella McCartney gown should have actually been the actual topic that conversation.

The singer bared her midriff in a sporty look at while performing in ~ the Staples center on Oct. 13, 2013 in Los Angeles.
And she owns the cape! Pink come at the 63rd yearly BMI popular music Awards in ~ Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel on may 12, 2015 in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Pink do tie-dye watch chic, v the pinks corresponding her hair, at the premiere the Disney\"s \"Alice through The feather Glass.\"
P!nk carried Slytherin vibes come the 2017 MTV video clip Music Awards v this suit combo, and we don\"t dislike it.
The songstress seemed to be on Cloud 9 as she walked the 2017 CMA Awards red carpet--and she looked the component too. She cascading fluffy white-pink gown looked heavenly and flattering, together the deep-V neck to be cinched at the waist with a cute black color sash.
For the 2017 AMAs, Pink she paired her fun hair color with a ruffled, layered coral gown. The navy blue floral print on the height section that the strapless number matched she dangling blue earrings.
Feel warm in a blanket at the Grammys...but make it stylish. P!nk rocked the 2018 Grammy Awards red carpet in a multicolored, feather gown. She choose once an ext for a belt come accentuate her waist, make the look it seems ~ punk rock, comfortable and feminine.

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The singer looked chic and also confident in this outfit for her Beautiful Trauma world tour. The sparkling black jumpsuit was paired with a black-and-purple striped ankle-length blazer for a look the screams fun yet powerful.